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Why Won-Door for Healthcare?

Enjoy the Free Movement of Equipment and Personnel

By allowing for the creation of more open and accessible space, Won-Door’s accordion-folding, horizontal sliding doors allow designers the freedom to build spaces with free-flowing corridors and open sight lines for greater utility and improved patient outcomes. All this while complying with stringent building codes and security requirements.

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Space Efficiency

Hidden in pockets when closed, Won-Doors can maximize usable floor space in areas where space is at a premium, improving traffic flow and aesthetics.

Fire Safety

Won-Door’s double-wall, fire-rated horizontal doors are fire-rated up to 180 minutes and can compartmentalize different areas within a healthcare facility to contain the spread of fire.

Security & Access Control

Won-Doors can quickly slide into position and lock down and compartmentalize a facility within 7 seconds to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter certain areas.


Healthcare in Action

Create a Safe, Open Environment

See the Won-Door two-track system effortlessly slide into position, enhancing visual appeal while building space utilization.

Lone Peak Exterior
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Fire and Access Control Options


Won-Door offers an array of door solutions to help healthcare facilities with fire control, create safe evacuation routes and prevent access to unwelcome visitors.

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Healthcare security professionals and architects searching for a means of protecting patients, visitors and personnel from fire emergencies while maintaining an airy, unobstructed environment are discovering the optimal solution. The FireGuard is a proven alternative to traditional swing-door solutions for virtually any means of egress or access control. Available in straight or curved designs.


This state-of-the-art accordion-style folding security door is a formidable physical and visual barrier to unwanted intrusion, while also protecting against fire spread. SteelGuard integrates with complex building security systems or can operate as a standalone security device, all while complying with stringent building codes and egress requirements.

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Moveable FireWall (FireGuard MFW)

For applications in a healthcare facility when the building code restricts the size of openings in a fire barrier, the Fireguard MFW provides a viable solution. The Heavy Duty Unitized Track System (HDUTS) eliminates the layers of plywood and drywall found in conventional accordion fire door headers, making the FireGuard MFW both lighter and more resistant to fire. The MFW is U.L. certified as meeting the criteria required by ANSI/UL263 (ASTME E119).


Case Studies

Making a Difference in Healthcare

Won-Door works with healthcare providers and architects across the globe to solve complex fire and security challenges. Won-Door provides efficient, affordable solutions for new construction and retrofit applications to protect the inhabitants of a healthcare facility from fire and security threats, and to preserve the architectural integrity and openness of the space.

Children's Hospital Case Study

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Cook Children's Hospital Open Hallway

Cook Children’s Hospital

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