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Why Won-Door for Commercial?

Improve Space Utilization While Optimizing Building Safety

Heavy pedestrian traffic requires a solution that maximizes corridor space utilization and traffic flow. By allowing for the creation of more open and accessible space, Won-Door’s accordion-folding, horizontal sliding doors allow designers the freedom to build spaces with free-flowing corridors, while still complying with stringent building codes and security requirements.

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Expand Otherwise Confined Exit Passageways

Control your school from a command center and have complete control over compartmen- talization of your campus with the push of a button.

Protect and Secure Valuable Merchandise

The same protection levels on both existing and new construction that fits the unique design of your facility without interrupting the school season.

Design with Light, Air and Value in Mind

Twelve seconds is all it takes to lock down your school to block sight and prevent outside intruders from entering.


Commercial Door Solutions In Action

Help Customers and Personnel Move With Ease

See the Won-Door two-track system effortlessly slide into position, enhancing space utilization and protecting building inhabitants.

Commercial Installations
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Fire and Access Control Options


Won-Door offers an array of door solutions to help commercial buildings streamline pedestrian movement, maximize fire control and prevent access to unwelcome visitors.



The requirements for fire-rated opening protectives in Commercial applications are seemingly endless. Likewise, so are your solutions. Won-Door’s FireGuard doors solve the challenges you face and help to maintain the design you intend.


The speed of hostile events requires the securing of pedestrian access just as quickly. Won-Door’s SteelGuard is a necessary element to protect your building occupants and valuable property. From overnight access control to quick lockdown scenarios, SteelGuard stays hidden in a storage pocket and out of sight until it is time to act.

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Moveable FireWall

Openings in fire barriers are limited in width and area. You can exceed those limits by specifying Won-Door’s FireGuard Moveable FireWall™. MFW is tested in accordance with the ASTM E119 standard and is designed to protect openings common to many Commercial applications.


Case Studies

How Won-Door Makes A Difference

See how Won-Door is solving complex fire and security needs. Whether it’s new construction or retrofit, Won-Door can provide solutions that can effectively address needs for added fire safety, security, space utilization and sound attenuation.

Won-Door Case Study

King Abdulaziz Center

AMC Theater Cupertino

AMC Vallco Fashion Mall

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