From county libraries to the halls of Congress, Won-Door enhances public buildings with unmatched fire protection and security control.


Why Won-Door for Government?

Allow the Focus to be the Role of Government Buildings and Public Spaces

Government buildings serve one purpose…us! Won-Door products are designed to serve the needs of building occupants by complying with building codes and shielding people and property from hostile events and the deadly effects of smoke and fire. The unobstructed process of government thrives in spaces built for those purposes with the help of Won-Door products.

Pentagon Double Doors_Closed


Fire protection for priceless artifacts and valuable documents


Safeguard employees and patrons from subversive elements


Allow stunning architecture to surround our national treasures


Government in Action

Help Government Employees and Personnel Perform their Duties of the Day

The designed operation of Won-Door FireGuard doors at the Pentagon on September 11 saved many lives and prevented the destructive spread of smoke and fire. This allowed the unaffected portions of the building to continue their vital role of national security the very next day.

Pentagon Interior
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Fire, Security & Sound Options


All of Won-Door’s product offerings present solutions to aid government buildings in the compliance of performance-driven specifications with an understanding of the funding challenges inherent in the construction & renovation of publicly-owned spaces.



The entire FireGuard family is well suited to the required fire protection applications common to our federal, state and municipal buildings. From the virtually limitless sizes of Won-Door’s original FireGuard door to the specialized capabilities of FireGuard Slim and FireGuard SE, rest assured that these doors will protect valuable spaces and enhance remarkable architecture.


Won-Door’s newest product offering, SteelGuard, is the ultimate accordion door for securing the valuable property and invaluable work that occurs inside our government buildings. This robust door can also be designed and built as a fire-rated assembly – SteelGuard+ – providing you with both a fire and security checkpoint in one opening.

DuraSound Door Closing


When the occasion calls for it and sound attenuation is imperative in a government building, Won-Door’s DuraSound accordion folding partition provides superb sound ratings and has nearly unlimited width- and height-spanning capabilities.


Case Studies

How Won-Door Makes A Difference

See how Won-Door partners with school districts across the nation to solve complex fire and security needs. Whether it’s new construction or retrofit, Won-Door can provide solutions that can effectively address needs for added fire safety, security, space utilization and sound attenuation.

East Providence High School

Farmington High School

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