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About Won-Door

Company Beginnings

In 1962, Jay and Ruth Smart founded Won-Door Corporation in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jay had spent most of his life selling building specialty products, including window systems and folding partitions. Relying upon his experience selling insulated storm windows, Jay began work on a two-track folding partition. The door was so revolutionary, that it led a customer to suggest to Jay that he should name his new company Won-Door, “because this door is truly WONDERFUL.”

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FireGuard Development

In the late 1960s, Jay began fire testing an acoustically-rated, folding partition. He was obsessed with the idea of engineering a horizontal sliding fire door assembly that would permit large openings in fire resistive construction, yet operate in such a way as to meet the special evacuation needs of persons with disabilities. 

In 1977, his horizontal sliding fire door, now known as Won-Door FireGuard, passed two fire tests at Underwriters Laboratory, culminating more than a decade of fire testing and research. In 1979, an installation at the California State Department of Rehabilitation in Sacramento gained widespread support from disabled advocacy groups for the use of Won-Door FireGuard to create safe staging areas for the disabled in multistoried buildings.

Growth and Universal Acceptance

In 1979, Jay’s son, Ron, took over the reins of the company and assembled an exceptional group of engineers and a strong management team. He invested much more in product testing so code officials would be completely confident in both the egress features of the door, as well as the incredible way that it stops fire, smoke and heat.

In 1988, the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code adopted provisions to permit horizontal sliding fire doors in selected applications in a means of egress. In 2000, significant code changes have greatly expanded the use of complying horizontal sliding door systems so that today, these systems are universally accepted as meeting both fire and building code regulations in virtually any application.

Won-Door’s U.S. distribution system also went through sweeping changes. Ron was among the first in the construction industry to invest in a network of company owned and operated branches across the United States. Sales skyrocketed.

Ron’s son, Scott, also joined Won-Door’s team after receiving his master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University. Scott played a vital role in the development of the new FireGuard CS (Compressed-Stack) fire doors.

In 2016, the torch of leadership passed again to another generation, as Scott was named President of Won-Door Corporation and assumed day-to-day management responsibilities.

Going Global

In 2021, Overhead Door Corporation, the leading provider of door and access solutions, acquired Won-Door Corporation, further strengthening Won-Door’s growing global presence and market leadership in horizontal sliding door solutions. Overhead Door’s commitment to R&D and its global market reach will further support Won-Door’s mission to foster innovation in pedestrian access solutions for fire, security and sound.

Won-Door products are installed in a multitude of building types in North and South America, as well as Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Architects the world over are discovering that horizontal sliding fire door systems are an innovative solution to the code constraints that might otherwise impede the creation of iconic and unique architecture.


An Industry Leader

Won-Door: At A Glance

In 1962, Won-Door Corporation introduced the world’s most durable acoustically rated folding partition – DuraSound. Fifteen years later the company pioneered the development of the first-ever accordion-type, fire-rated horizontal sliding door. Technology developed by Won-Door engineers continues to influence the building products and fire protection industry.

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Superior Performance & Service

Universal Acceptance

The development of the accordion type, horizontal sliding fire door – as manufactured by Won-Door Corporation – has had a profound influence on the model requirements that regulate their use. They may replace traditional solutions in virtually any means of egress application.

UL Listed

The Won-Door FireGuard fire door was the first accordion type fire door to successfully pass nationally recognized tests to withstand the passage of fire. Won-Door FireGuard products are listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) for up to 3 hours as a rated door assembly and 2 hours as a moveable fire wall.

Advanced Electronics

Only the Won-Door FireGuard uses a state-of-the-art microprocessor activated control system to guarantee reliability and enhance door function. This technology provides almost limitless opportunities for electronic communication, supervision, alarm activation and more.

Here to Help

With a highly skilled team of designers, engineers, and field technicians, product service and support are available across the US. Thoroughly knowledgeable about building code as well as construction, the Won-Door sales team can be relied on to guide you every step of the way.

Maintenance Contracts

Annual maitenance contracts are available to keep your Won-Door working properly throughout its lifetime.

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