Vertical Openings

Create safe evacuation routes, prevent access to compromised areas and control traffic flow.


Why Won-Door Vertical Openings?

Unobstructed Corridors

Unobstructed corridors have the visual affect of making a space appear larger than it is. Even more true when that space is vertical and our eyes and ears are brought upward to experience architecture on multiple levels.


Partial Enclosures, Full Flexibility

When only two stories need be exposed to an opening, Won-Door FireGuard is a smart solution. Installations from the edge of the opening to many feet back are available and affordable.

Communicating Spaces with Views

A flexible option in the fire protection of up to three floors in common is Won-Door FireGuard. Large openings can be designed on all three floors and critical fire life safety requirements will still be met.

The Beauty and Challenge of an Atrium

Often the center of a building and an eye-catching design element, atria allow for light and ventilation, but pose challenges in fire protection. Won-Door FireGuard doors maintain that openness and solve life safety requirements.


Vertical Openings in Action

Put the Focus on the Vertical Space

Requisite fire barriers should never be seen in beautiful spaces intended to enhance an occupant’s experience, let alone be a constraint in design. This philosophy is just as significant in the case of vertical openings.  Check out this video for some wonderful examples!

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Vertical Opening Options


Won-Door provides innovative products that replace solutions that enclose and minimize for virtually any vertical opening application.



FireGuard is the ideal solution for architects and specifiers searching for a way to protect multiple levels while preventing the spread of smoke & fire. FireGuard door is offered in both straight and curved track configurations and can span nearly 200’ in width and over 30’ in height.

Moveable FireWall

For those vertical openings that require an ASTM E119-compliant device, Won-Door’s FireGuard Moveable FireWall offers the ability to exceed limitations in fire barrier openings. Offered in straight and curved track configurations, MFW protects openings up to 40’ wide and 15’ high.


Case Studies

Give You More Control

Giving you the freedom to design an attractive structure that meets all of your security goals without it feeling like a confining, high-security facility is the secret to Won-Door’s success. See how Won-Door puts you in control of your own design.

Sandy Hook Elementary School Case Study

Sandy Hook Elementary

O.C. Tanner Headquarters

O.C. Tanner

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