Provide “invisible,” code-complying fire protection while creating dramatic spaces.


Why FireGuard?

The Gold Standard in Fire Protection

Since its inception more than 40 years ago, the original fire-rated, horizontal-sliding accordion door continues to influence building code requirements and provide design professionals with unmatched flexibility and peace of mind.

The Gold Standard in Fire Protection

Design Versatility

From the most narrow of corridors and the shortest of ceilings to openings that span over 200’ wide and 35’+ tall, FireGuard gives you the versatility to protect any size opening.

Curved Configurations

Flow with the gradual curve in your design or snake around structural elements. Custom radii are available to as tight as 5’.

Secure Solution

An effective deterrent to unauthorized visitors while maintaining an open plan design, FireGuard can replace traditional solutions for virtually any means of egress or access control.


FireGuard + Access Control

My fire door can also be used as an access control checkpoint?

Using any of the following security components and features, Won-Door’s FireGuard™ accordion folding fire door has the ability to both serve as an opening protective in a means of egress AND as an access control device during after-hours events or off-hours lockdown.  Design your new space using FireGuard + Access Control or retrofit an existing FireGuard door to have the best of both worlds – a fire-rated opening protective + an access control device.

Available features with FireGuard + Access Control:

Electromagnetic Locking Clutch

Advanced Electronic Security

Integration with your Security Systems


FireGuard Door Types


Capable of 30’+ heights and virtually unlimited widths.

Single and bi-parting configurations available

Narrow or flat leadpost available

Unitized track system simplifies installation

Fire-rated up to 180 minutes

Pocket cover door provided by others

Automatic closing system in accordance with UL 864


   ←Narrow Leadpost Configuration

Flat Leadpost Configuration



Capable of 30’+ heights and virtually unlimited widths.

Single and bi-parting configurations available

Standard radii are 5’ and 10’

Custom radii > 5’ available

Fire-rated up to 180 minutes

Automatic closing system in accordance with UL 864


Drawings/BIMs & Specs

Collect drawings, specifications, product literature and other documentation to assist your design and spec process


Drawings/BIMs & Specs

Customize your project submittal and download or save for future use.


FireGuard In Action

It’s In The Way It Moves

See the FireGuard accordion sliding access door in action here to better understand how this UL-tested (10B-10C) fire protection barrier quickly and smoothly slides into place.

Sliding Door
Play Video about Sliding Door

Case Studies

Making a Great Case

Take a closer look at how FireGuard horizontal sliding doors provide exceptional, UL-listed fire protection while improving traffic flow and the visual appeal.

East Providence High School

Farmington High School

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