Multi-family Residential

Maximize leasable space with Won-Door’s design and completely concealed solution.


Why Won-Door for Multi-Family Residential?

Improve Space Utilization While Complying with Stringent Building Codes

Heavy pedestrian traffic requires a solution that maximizes corridor space utilization and traffic flow. By allowing for the creation of more open and accessible space, Won-Door’s accordion-folding, horizontal sliding doors allow designers the freedom to build spaces with free-flowing corridors, while still complying with stringent building codes and security requirements.

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Reclaim Leasable/Usable Space

When accordion folding doors allow the corridor or other areas to be built to their minimum sizes, the rooms on the other sides of these spaces can maximize that footprint thereby increasing use and lease values.

Conserve Space

Many elevator landings simply do not have the space for a traditional elevator lobby nor do they require one. Won-Door products are designed to solve this challenge and one fire door door can span multiple elevator cars instead of having to provide a roll-down smoke door for each car.

Affordable Solutions

Accordion folding fire and security doors can save building operators thousands of dollars over the life of the building, by replacing traditional opening protectives with Won-Door’s fire and security solutions.


Multi-Family Residential Door Solutions In Action

Help Customers and Personnel Move With Ease

See the Won-Door two-track system effortlessly slide into position, enhancing space utilization and protecting building inhabitants.

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Fire and Access Control Options


Won-Door offers an array of door solutions to help commercial buildings streamline pedestrian movement, maximize fire control and prevent access to unwelcome visitors.



Contractors and architects searching for a means to protect residents from fire emergencies while maintaining an attractive, open environment conducive to learning are finding the ideal solution. The FireGuard FG replaces traditional swing-door solutions for virtually any means of egress or access control and has had a profound influence on model code requirements that regulate their use.


This state-of-the-art accordion-style folding security door is a formidable physical and visual barrier to unwanted intrusion, while also protecting against fire spread. SteelGuard integrates with complex building security systems or can operate as a standalone security device, all while complying with stringent building codes and egress requirements.

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DuraSound doors can efficiently and effectively subdivide larger spaces to provide sound-controlled spaces for learning. These durable, accordion-folding partitions provide maximum flexibility of space and unmatched sound attenuation to STC 48. The attractive design with no floor track to maintain, enhances visual appeal and building space utilization.


Case Studies

How Won-Door Makes A Difference

See how Won-Door partners with school districts across the nation to solve complex fire and security needs. Whether it’s new construction or retrofit, Won-Door can provide solutions that can effectively address needs for added fire safety, security, space utilization and sound attenuation.

East Providence High School

Farmington High School

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