Create beautiful, sweeping and free-flowing spaces with virtually no span limitations.


Why Won-Door?

It’s not what you see...
It’s what you don’t see.

Won-Door products are installed in a multitude of building types across six continents. Building designers and contractors the world over are discovering that horizontal sliding fire and security door systems are an innovative solution to code constraints that might otherwise impact the beauty, flow and openness of an architect’s vision.

Superior Protection In Action

Virtually invisible when open, horizontal doors swiftly move into position to contain fire & security threats.
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A Sensible Alternative to Traditional Doors


Won-Door helps fire marshals, local authorities and building owners solve complex fire protection problems while beautifying spaces.

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At the push of a button, Won-Door’s rapid-closing doors can lock down a building within seconds to protect occupants and keep out hostile threats.

Fire + Security

As fire checkpoints are often ideal for security door applications, Won-Door’s ability to provide security + fire ratings with the same product enhances building protection and occupant safety.


Dual-wall folding partitions increase building utility by providing unmatched sound attenuation while enhancing space utilization.


Case Studies

Demonstrated Success on a Global Scale

Real-world applications demonstrate the proven performance, reliability and aesthetic appeal of our horizontal door solutions. Learn how our unique space-saving design enhances traffic flow, improves building security and maximizes architectural design freedom.

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