Service and Support

Won-Door’s dedicated and knowledgeable service & support teams work to ensure that your doors are in compliance and operating smoothly.


Preventative Maintenance

Keep Your Fire Life Safety Doors in Tip-Top Shape

Life safety devices and equipment must be checked regularly to comply with local building codes and to ensure reliable operation when an emergency occurs. Let Won-Door provide the expertise only the original equipment manufacturer can and certify that one of the most important devices in your building is ready to go when it’s needed.

Technicians follow this comprehensive 12-point inspection to ensure that every door is well maintained and ready for service:

  1. Verify that no open holes or breaks exist in the door or frame
  2. Verify that the door control key switch and reset are functioning
  3. Verify that the exiting device hardware operates to the programmed back-off distance on each side of the door
  4. Verify that door obstruction devices are working properly
  5. Verify that no breaks occur in the smoke seals on the top, bottom, and jamb
  6. Inspect and lubricate the track, as needed
  7. Verify that the trolleys and panel rollers are running freely
  8. Inspect the logic board
  9. Verify that fire mode initiates from the control box and obtains full closure with proper seal
  10. Verify that the jambs are properly attached and restrained
  11. Verify that no auxiliary hardware interferes with the door’s operation

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Service Team

Issues Beyond Routine Maintenance?

Should an issue arise that is beyond routine maintenance, the trained staff in Won-Door’s service department can diagnose any problem and help get your doors back in working order.

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Project Management

Opening Prep to Punchlist - We’ll be There Every Step of the Way

Won-Door’s Project Management team strives to minimize the stresses found in the construction/renovation of a building, by quickly responding to your needs with professionalism. Reach out to any member of the team for status updates or needed technical information during the construction process.



Owner Training

New doors in your building? Or, new to a building with doors?

Check out our owner training video! This video will run through the basics of door operation and illustrate the way your doors will behave in different modes of operation.

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