FireGuard Slim

Create sophisticated, cost-effective openings in ordinary fire-rated construction, replacing swinging doors on hold opens and providing the finished look of a cased opening.


Why FireGuard Slim?

The Freedom To Open Up More Space

The Won-Door FireGuard Slim™ fire-rated accordion folding door is the ideal solution for narrow corridor and small opening applications when affordability is a concern. Slim remains stacked and is deployed when activated by a fire alarm or smoke detector.


Alternative to Swing Doors

Aesthetically pleasing, easy-install alternative to traditional, side-hinged swing doors.

Clean, Minimalist Design

Provides open, airy space that improves pedestrian access/egress, beautifies buildings and empowers architects.

Compact Footprint

Contributes to improved daylighting, unobstructed views and unhindered traffic flow.


FireGuard Slim In Action

Smooth Performance in Smaller Openings

See the difference between a typical set of side-hinged swing doors versus the Slim horizontal sliding fire door, which provides wide open corridors while effortlessly sliding into position when activated.

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FireGuard Slim Door Advantages

The Solution To Common Problems

The single-parting design is ideal for straight, opening protective applications.

Has an installed cost similar to that of swing doors. Reduced installation sequence means significant cost savings.

Eliminates costs associated with metal frames, hardware, astragals, magnetic hold-opens and other accessories.

Specifiable Options

Achieves an industry-leading 14” stack depth.

Available up to 9’ in width

Available in 7’ or 8’ heights

Fire-rated up to 90 minutes

Remote monitoring


Drawings/BIMs & Specs

Collect drawings, specifications, product literature and other documentation to assist your design and spec process


Product Configurator

Customize your project submittal and download or save for future use.


Case Studies

Independent Analysis Favors Slim

See how Slim enhances the design appeal, traffic flow and safety of pedestrian areas for both retrofit and new construction, making these applications wide open and free flowing.

East Providence High School

Farmington High School

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