Elevator Lobby

Efficient Protection of Elevator Lobbies


Why Won-Door for Elevator Lobbies?

Efficient Protection of Elevator Lobbies

You know what they say about first impressions. As an occupant exits an elevator car, what lasting impression do you want them to have? Hint: it’s not doors. Comply with stringent building codes and allow for wide open views out of the elevator car with accordion folding doors.

Alternative to Swing Doors

Facing elevator cars may have an exit on one or both ends of the lobby. Maximize the size of those openings with accordion folding doors and decrease costly maintenance and upkeep.

Wide Open Views

When an elevator lobby is mandated by code, it doesn’t have to diminish an occupants view as they step out of the car. With virtually unlimited widths and heights and radial capabilities, an accordion folding door can make the view inviting and wide open.

Protect Occupants with Mobility Issues


Elevator Lobby in Action

Don't Sacrifice Form for Function

Check out the many elevator lobby applications in this video and discover how Won-Door’s are used to maximize openings, allow light and traffic to flow and satisfy code requirements.

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Elevator Lobby Options


Won-Door provides innovative products to replace traditional swing-door solutions for virtually any access control application.



The FireGuard is the ideal solution for architects and specifiers searching for a way to manage traffic flow and restrict access to unauthorized pedestrians while preventing the spread of fire. The FireGuard door is offered in both straight and curved configurations.


This state-of-the-art accordion-style folding security door is a formidable physical and visual barrier to unwanted intrusion, while also protecting against fire spread. SteelGuard integrates with complex building security systems or can operate as a standalone security device, all while complying with stringent building codes and egress requirements.


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Give You More Control

Giving you the freedom to design an attractive structure that meets all of your security goals without it feeling like a confining, high-security facility is the secret to Won-Door’s success. See how Won-Door puts you in control of your own design.

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