Cook Children’s Hospital

Cook Children’s Hospital

FORT WORTH, TX — In what was the first children’s hospital in Fort Worth nearly a century ago to one of the largest, full-service hospitals in north and west Texas today, Won-Door Corporation plays an integral part.

Won-Door supplied over a dozen doors in the north tower expansion finished in January 2012.

In the new south tower building, there will be about 30 Won-Door FireGuard™ Cross-Corridor doors that protect elevator lobbies, common areas and provide smoke and fire control in emergency situations.

The doors ensure safety for the hospital’s new emergency department, a new surgery suite and a new heart center.

Cook Children’s already has one of the busiest emergency departments in the nation, with 120,000 young patients seen each year.

The new surgery suite will make room for the latest in technological advances and more efficient use of services and ceiling space.

The heart center will bring all cardiology services together on the same level.

Overall, there will be more space and more opportunity for efficiency.

Using Won-Door technology and expertise as well as sophisticated products helps make that possible and workable.

It’s anticipated the new South Tower will be finished and operational by 2016, designed by RTKL Architects and built by Linbeck Construction.

Cook Children’s Hospital public relations spokeswoman Winifred King said there are doors in the basement and on four floors protecting the classrooms, the pediatric intensive care unit, the family lounge, the gym, the snack shop and the elevator lobbies in the north tower, the south extension, and the pavilion.

Won-Door FireGuard closed protecting a hallway

Equipment in the Cook Children’s facility is scaled for child-size bodies. The staff, which includes the largest number of network pediatric doctors in north Texas, also boasts nurses, therapists and specialists specifically trained to work with and help heal children.

Won-Door District Manager for the central Texas region, David Larsen, said, “This new complex is equipped with the latest in health care technology and in every aspect of its construction and equipment. This ensures that all those who enter this facility not only receive the finest medical care but also are protected by state-of-the-art fire protection equipment should the need ever arise. Won-Door is proud to be a partner with this impressive long standing high quality health care provider.”


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