Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA – The installation of Won-Door products at the Children’s Hospital of
Philadelphia (CHOP) marked a significant stride towards fortifying safety measures and
optimizing accessibility within a world-class healthcare facility. This transformative project
seamlessly integrated state-of-the-art Won-Door accordion-style horizontal door systems
across key areas, ensuring the highest standards of security and ease of movement for patients,
staff and visitors.

Implementing Won-Door’s SteelGuard horizontal sliding doors to bolster fire safety protocols,
these doors provide reliable and swift evacuation routes during emergencies, contributing to
the hospital’s commitment to the well-being of its occupants.

Because Won-Door SteelGuard™ doors are hidden in pockets when not in use, they free up space
in high-traffic zones and critical pathways to eliminate congestion and enhance the overall
efficiency of the hospital’s daily operations. This optimization facilitates swift and unimpeded
movement for medical personnel, patients and their families.

By creating a healing environment by installing Won-Door products that contribute to a calm
and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, Won-Door systems are a popular option with architects
who serve the healthcare community. The smooth and quiet operation of these doors
minimizes disruptions, fostering a tranquil space for recovery and care.

Ensuring full compliance with local and national building codes, fire safety regulations and
healthcare facility standards, the Won-Door installation aligns with CHOP’s commitment to
upholding the highest regulatory requirements, providing a secure and legally compliant
healthcare environment.

Tailoring Won-Door products to suit the unique architectural and functional requirements of
CHOP, this project emphasized a collaborative approach between Won-Door experts and the
hospital’s stakeholders to deliver safe and secure solutions that seamlessly integrate with the
existing infrastructure.

By undertaking this comprehensive Won-Door installation project, the Children’s Hospital of
Philadelphia set a new benchmark in healthcare facility design and safety standards. The
enhanced fire safety, improved traffic flow and patient-centric approach position CHOP as a
leader in providing top-tier healthcare services in a secure and welcoming environment.


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