Sandy Hook Elementary

Sandy Hook Elementary

Sandy Hook, CT – In 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School suffered the worst shooting incident in U.S. history, with 28 dead, others injured and countless traumatized. Following this tragedy, the school was rebuilt in 2016 with many updates, including the use of Won-Door horizontal accordion-style doors for both fire and security.

Positioned strategically throughout the facility, Won-Door SteelGuard™ Security and Fire Doors effectively lock down and compartmentalize buildings to deter active shooter threats and suppress fire emergencies.

These doors, which tuck into a small pocket hidden in the wall when not in use, help to minimize the visual impact of the added security, while at the same time creating a safe open environment that is conducive to learning.

SteelGuard doors use the latest innovations in technology and work in conjunction with cameras and building security systems to provide schools such as Sandy Hook with a new level of protection for students and faculty. At the push of a button, these rapid-closing doors close within seconds to protect its occupants and keep out hostile threats.

Won-Doors are equipped with sensors that will stop should they come in contact with any children or faculty members, and then continue to seek the closed position once they are clear. These doors can be monitored and controlled from any school security office or even from the police department or other remote location.

Security violations at schools have come to the forefront for administrators, parents and students. With more and more incidents occurring far too regularly, many schools throughout the world have recognized the importance of seeking proactive security solutions for new building designs and retrofits.

And that’s why Won-Door Security and Fire Doors are often at the top of the list when considering smart, easy-to-install, affordable solutions to protect students and faculty from security threats and fire.


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