Methodist Outpatient Hospital

Methodist Outpatient Hospital

HOUSTON, TX – The prestigious Methodist Outpatient Hospital in Houston, Texas boasts something besides being one of the largest outpatient centers in America and being listed by USNews Magazine as one of the nation’s outstanding patient facilities. The center has two of the longest accordion doors in the country —one with a 77′ span and another with a 79 ‘ span, both Won-Door products.
The two doors curve around and enclose the second floor atrium area and insure that if there’s a fire on either of the two floors, the doors will securely separate them.
“WHR Architects has been one of the top design firms that utilize our product to its fullest potential,” explained Won-Door District Manager for South Texas and South Louisiana Angele Burton.  “With so many regulations on healthcare facilities, it can at times limit your design abilities. WHR is one of the best firms that can maintain exceptional innovative architecture while not jeopardizing life safety. This is proven by the use of our product on this design.”
Sam Williamson with WHR Architects said it doesn’t really matter so much what the doors look like or how large they are, or even how they contribute to the open, spacious ambience — the important thing is that they adequately protect people and patients in an emergency.

From the art on the wall to the large waterwall in the lobby to our high tech operating rooms, our hope is to provide our patients with compassionate and quality health care.

Sam Williamson, WHR Architects

“They’re tucked away in a pocket. You don’t really see them until an emergency and then they serve their purpose which is to contain (a fire) and protect the building,” Williamson said. “We haven’t used them yet, hopefully not ever, but we feel confident that they satisfy all the requirements.”
The doors allow for freedom of movement and light and provide the protection as dictated by fire code laws against heat and smoke without having to add walls, he said.
Williamson said he’s happy with the product. He and his firm have used Won-Door before and is using Won-Door accordion doors in a current and similar project.
Hensel Phelps Construction senior estimator Ramon Cruzada said the experience with Won-Door Corporation was “very satisfactory.”
Ron Girotte, President and CEO of  The Methodist Hospital System, said the new building is designed for its patients with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and an emphasis on a healing environment.
The 1.6 million square-foot center opened on July 19, 2010.
Won-Door Corporation became involved in the project in 2007.
The outpatient center is just one of several expansion projects for  Methodist Hospital Systems in the area. The new center brings the hospital’s patient bed count to 251 (from 119) with the ability to expand by 2017 to 349.


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