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The Won-Door Universal Closing System consists of the following components: Universal Motor Drives (UMD), Universal Door Controller (UDC), Power Supply Module (PSM), Alarm/Relay Module (ARM) and the Lead Post Multiplexer (LMU). Optional modules include: the Key Card Adapter (KCA), Wireless Access Module (WAM), Limit Extension Module (LEM) and the Auxiliary Releay Module (XRM). Click on the links below to open the individual install guides.

Downloadable Installation Guides

Alarm/Relay Module (ARM)

Anti-Sway Bracket
Anti-Sway for CS Doors
Auxiliary Relay Module
Backlit Exit Device (BEH)
FireGuard Installation Guide
Key Card Adapter Module (KCA)
Lead Post Multiplexer (LMU)
Limit Extension Module (LEM)
FireGuard with UDC
ModBus Bridge (MBB)
Power Supply Module (PSM)
Resettable Jamb Catch with Security
Single Door Display (SDD)
Slim Drive with UDC
Universal Door Controller (UDC)
Universal Motor Drives (UMD)
UTS Installation
Wireless Key/Card Adapter Module (WAM)
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