Pocket Depth:


    Additional Information

    Please contact your local District Manager if your project requires any of the following:

    1. Narrow Lead Post Doors over 19 feet in height
    2. Flat Lead Post Doors over 12 feet in height
    3. Doors less than 6' 8" in height
    4. Single parting doors in excess of 700 sq. ft.
    5. Biparting doors in excess of 1400 sq. ft
    6. Pocket depths should be verified by Won-Door prior to final drawings

    Pocket Depth:

    Door Model

    These are the options for different models of Won-Door Products.
    Some of the following choices are dependent on what is selected here.

    Lead Post Type

    Flat lead post option includes an integrated pocket cover door.
    Narrow can have pocket cover door that is "by others".

    Curved or Straight

    Curves usually increase stack.
    Curve doors usually increase pocket width as well.

    Single Parting or Biparting

    Clear Opening Width: Single Parting

    If Single Parting: Distance from face of pocket to strike wall.


    Clear Opening Height

    Distance from finished door to bottom of plenum walls.
    Ensure at least 12" from bottom of plenums to first obstacle above.


    Smoke Rating

    S: For smoke and draft
    SE: If door is used at the point of access to an elevator


    Air Pressure Level

    Flat lead post max is Level 1

    Access Control

    Includes rigid jamb stop, high-use track, anti-sway brackets, electromagnetic brake, and a key switch.

    Vision Panel

    First Exit Device

    Additional Exit Devices

    These intermediate devices can be placed along the length of the door.
    Each typically adds 2 inches of stack.