Won-Door doors pull the north and south together

Won-Door doors pull the north and south together

Won-Door doors pull the north and south together

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

CINCINNATI — In the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County in Ohio doors from the Won-Door Corporation make a seamless, protective, transition between the north and south buildings.

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton CountyAccording to District Manager Courtney Watson, who oversees the Kentucky, Ohio, upstate New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia areas, the two curved doors in the new addition provide protection for a wide-open stairway that connects four different spaces on the first floor of the new building.

Two straight doors in the building connector and two more in the bridge provide area separation protection.

All of the doors have been in operation since 1997 and are still working beautifully, Watson said. They just passed inspection again in March 2016.Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

Architect Tim Timberman for WA Architects, specified the doors for his design.

The main library, on the west side of Vine Street between Sixth and Seventh streets, has been a prominent part of downtown Cincinnati since 1874. Viewed as the most magnificent public library building in the country at the time, it features a towering atrium with a skylight ceiling, a contemporary design and plenty of open space.

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton CountyThe original 200,000 square-foot building, dedicated to Hamilton County residents who died in World War I, World War II and the Korean War, today is the cornerstone of the main library Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton Countycomplex.

In 1982, a 360,000 square-foot renovation was added that encompassed the entire block, with five floors wrapping around the 1955 building to create one of the largest public library buildings in America.

In 1995, work began to expand across Ninth Street with a four-story bridge linking the north and south buildings which is where Won-Door doors come in. The North Building opened Jan. 15, 1997 and renovation of the South Building was finished in Dec. 1997, bringing the square footage to over 542,527 square feet.

Aegis hotel exterior

Aegis Living on Madison Project

Won-Door FireGuard doors make all the difference

By Sharon Haddock

SEATTLE — The Won-Door doors in the vibrant new Aegis Living on Madison Project will effectively divide the hall corridors in the event of an emergency says the project manager.

That means everything to those charged with safeguarding precious lives.

"The doors appear to function well which in my line of work is just about perfect," Andrew Bjorn said. Bjorn works for

Anderson Construction, the company that built the assisted living facility which opened Oct. 2013 in Capitol Hill.

The six FireGuard accordion doors close in the middle of the main corridors on each level.

Bjorn said the doors meet the prescribed code and offer life-saving protection to

residents who would require additional time to exit in an emergency.

"These doors provide a smoke and fire barrier," Bjorn said.

Carl G. Cary, district manager for Won-Door's Pacific Northwest area, said Won-Door products have been chosen for all of the recent Aegis projects which makes a positive and impressive statement on its own.

Aegis Living is a national leader in the senior living industry, a privately owned company founded in 1997 by Dwayne Clark and committed to providing the highest level of care for elderly patients.

Clark has gone on record as being committed to providing care he would want for his own loved ones.

Each project includes features designed with "the safety and joy of our residents in mind."

Aegis Living offers Assisted Living, Memory Care and specialized short-term care with 30 communities in three states.

The grand opening of the Aegis Living on
Madison Project is set for Jan. 18, 2014.

aegis won-door

aegis won-door closed

aegis won-door closed - another shot

aegis won-door opening another angle