Memorial Hospital North Looking over Railing

Memorial Hospital North in Colorado Springs

Tough Problem Solved With a Won-Door

By Sharon Haddock

Memorial Hospital North upwardAfter a routine safety inspection of the atrium area in the Memorial Hospital North in Colorado Springs turned up trouble, project manager Norman Wolfe and his associates were flummoxed.

The Colorado state health and safety inspectors were not happy and wanted the vertical enclosure situation changed to better protect the public in case of a fire or Memorial Hospital North Curved Track and Strickeremergency.

David Friedman, an architect with Heery International, said smoke evacuation using rooftop fans would be cumbersome and expensive.

The irregular shape of the space would make it impossible to use horizontal metal shutters, especially with more open space next to the atrium.

Memorial Hospital North Looking over Railing"We needed an innovative way to resolve the problem," Wolfe said. "We went through several options and came up with the Won-Doors.

" Friedman said he and others in his firm worked very closely with a Won-Door representative in Utah who helped neatly solve the problem. The state inspectors were comfortable with the result and it's aesthetically pleasing, Friedman said.

Two FireGuard 180 doors now enclose the two-story area and effectively close off the open area from the lobby and cafeteria.

"We didn't realize it would resolve the problem so easily and well," Wolfe said. "It was a really unique and creative solution.

" Wolfe said the main hospital in downtown Colorado Springs has several small Won-Door doors but it was a revelation to him to find the doors available in the lengths needed for the atrium closure.

Memorial Hospital North Looking over RailingOne door is 37' 11 3/4" x 9' 7 ¾" and the other is 41' 8 3/8" x 9' 7 ¾" with multiple 5-foot radius curves.

Tom Nordquist, district manager for Won-Door Corporation for the Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming areas, said the doors curve nicely around Memorial Hospital North Strikerstanding support columns and close out of sight.

The 80-bed community hospital built in 2007 at 4050 Briargate Parkway was retrofitted in 2012 by Bassett Construction out of Pueblo, Colo.

Wolfe said he honestly wasn't sure if there would be an affordable and doable solution to the problem at first.

Friedman said it helped immensely that the safety officials were familiar with Won-Door products and the door's reputation for reliability.

"Now that I know what Won-Door can provide, it opens up options," Wolfe added. "We would certainly look to use them again."