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Building Code

Complying horizontal sliding fire doors may be used in place of side-hinged swing doors in a Means of Egress (in other than Group H occupancies).  The Won-Door FireGuard fire door meets all performance criteria for horizontal sliding fire doors when used in a Means of Egress as set forth in the IBC, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and NFPA 80, Chapter 9.

2012 IBC:  1008.1.4.3  Horizontal sliding fire doors

2012 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code: Horizontal-Sliding Door Assemblies

2013 NFPA 80:  Chapter 9, Special-Purpose Horizontally Sliding Accordion or Folding Doors

Click here to review ICC-ES Evaluation Report: ESR-1394

Area separation
Area Allowance Section 503; Table 503
Occupancy separation
Mixed occupancy - accessory use Section 508.2.4;
Mixed occupancy -sep. vs. non-sep. Section 508.3; Table 508.3
Vertical Opening Separation
Non-egress communicating stairs Section 712.1.8
Shaft enclosure - escalator Section 712.1.3
Atrium Section 404
Vertical exit enclosure Section 1022
Corridor Separation
Retail Section 1014
Healthcare (Group I-2) Section 407.2 & 407.3
Exit Access Separation
Horizontal exit Section 1025
Exit passageway Section 1023
Pedestrian walkway & tunnel Section 3104
Elevator Separation
Elevator lobby Section 713.14.1
Elevator smoke & draft Section 713.14.1, exception 3
Smoke Compartmentation
Group I-2 Section 407.5
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