Won-Door provides smoke protection

Won-Door provides smoke protection and a breath of fresh air for Southwest Airlines


Won-Door provides smoke protection and Fresh air in the airline headquarters building

By Sharon Haddock

Won-Door provides smoke protection

DALLAS — In the new space for Southwest Airlines world headquarters, Won-Door provides smoke protection and a breath of fresh air, if you will.

The multiple doors in the expansion and renovation project — scheduled to be finished in 2016 — allow for open space and separate the central atriums from the common, gathering space for airline personnel.

Urmil Shah, the senior project manager for StructureTone general contractors, said the doors will protect people from smoke in case of a fire emergency.

Marti Dubission with Corgan Architects, verified that there is a Won-Door door on each of the second and third floors and two smaller ones in the renovated area.

Some existing fire doors will be removed and Won-Door products installed to replace them.

Two additional doors will be installed before summer.

The doors stack in corridor walls and only take up half the space required for other kinds of fire doors. They span from 8-12 feet wide and match the full height of the corridor.

Area District Manager David Larsen said the doors utilize the new FireGuard Cross Corridor assembly which includes the innovative and integrated flat pocket concealing lead post.

The track is recessed into the ceiling providing concealment and is painted to match the surrounding area. This, it appears there is nothing there, Larsen added.

This provides an open and free flowing environment during a normal workday.

The new headquarters expansion provides space for Southwest Airlines' 24-hour customer service, support and training, operations coordination, maintenance operations and crew scheduling.

To be known as "Headquarters West," the new, spacious, facility is west of Denton Drive, across from the Dallas Love Field Airport.

Southwest Airlines' workforce has grown from fewer than 9,000 employees in 1990 to the largest airline carrier (based on domestic departures) in the United States.

Southwest Airlines flies to 64 cities in 32 states.

The busiest airports serviced include Dallas Love Field.