compressed stack doors solve multiple problems

Won-Door Compressed Stack doors solve multiple problems at Mary Couts Burnett Library

Won-Door Compressed Stack Doors solve multiple problems

compressed stack doors solve multiple problems


FORT WORTH, TEXAS — Won-Door FireGuard 60 compressed stack doors proved to be the simplest solution to a tricky problem in the Mary Couts Burnett Library.

Ping Cai, the architect for Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanfield of Ft. Worth, said the doors from Won-Door allow the space to remain open visually until the need for fire and smoke protection arises.

The doors are at the end of a double height space, Cai said.

While generally Won-Door systems feature and span very large openings, these doors are small for a reason.

Two are 11-foot smoke barriers while other doors stand ready to shut out smaller openings as fire barriers.

compressed stack doors solve multiple problemsThe smaller doors are 5' wide or less and yet provide egress in both directions because the door swing issue and minimum exit width opening is eliminated using the horizontal sliding door technology.

Integrated pocket cover doors conceal the pockets from view and tastefully hide the fire doors from view.

The larger doors create a seamless transition at a sky bridge connection and remain hidden from view when not needed while providing uninterrupted sight lines at both ends of the sky bridge connection.

David Larsen, district manager for the area, explains that the stairway — which is very visible — needed to be enclosed without intrusion into the design.

In order to maximize the available opening, the Won-Door system provides the maximum clear openings while providing dual direction exiting. The same result could not be achieved using swinging exit door due to swing issues and the need to meet minimum corridor width requirements, Larsen said.

"The FireGuard doors solve both a code compliance exiting issue and an aesthetic concern around the stair enclosure and perfectly unites both buildings at either end of the sky bridge. That would have been almost impossible without the use of the FireGuard compressed stack doors,” he said.

Cai said she considered Won-Door doors for another difficult project years earlier and Won-Door has since been an option for her.

In this case, “they are the simplest solution,” Cai said.

The Mary Couts Burnett Library is located on the campus of Texas Christian University. It was built by Linbeck Construction.

Trey Heavlin, an engineer on the project for Linbeck Construction, said the three-level addition provides a new main entrance along with a re-skinning of the existing facade of the wing built in the 1980s.