Won-Door Best Choice for Charlotte Douglas Airport

Won-Door best choice for airport rental facility

By Sharon Haddock


Charlotte Douglas Airport

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Won-Door sliding accordion fire door system is unobtrusively providing fire and smoke protection and economical efficiency at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

The CLT Rental Car and Hourly Parking Deck Facility  — originally designed for a competitor's product with Won-Door as the alternate — uses a Won-Door FireGuard horizontal door system to separate the entry lobby parking deck from the customer service area.

"This project was originally specified with a McKeon Fire Door Product as the basis for design and Won-Door listed as an alternate," said Laura Darre, district manager for the Carolinas.

"We aggressively pursued this project with the new Won-Door FGCS product for this application.  Won-Door was hands down obviously the better choice for this project."

Darre said the Won-Door FGCS doors were able to offer the owner a horizontal sliding accordion fire door system that was approved for "means of egress” without a separate side-hinged fire door without a floor track.

Charlotte Douglas Airport
It stores into a shallow pocket and has an integrated pocket cover door.

Thus, Won-Door was able to meet and exceed the specifications as well as save the owner tens of thousands of dollars, Darre said.

Brian Bresg, an architect with  LS3p Associates in Charlotte, said there are actually four motorized, folding, doors (approximately 20' x 10') tied into the building fire alarm system.

The doors will effectively separate the lobby vestibules from the business area in times of emergency but stay out of sight and out of the way until needed.

Bresg said his firm is familiar with Won-Door and has used the doors on previous projects as well.Charlotte Douglas Airport

Archer-Western - The Walsh Group, is the contractor for the project.

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport is one of the busiest airports in America and in the world.

In the last two decades, the airport has become the nation's 6th largest airport in operations and the 8th busiest in number of passengers with over 44 million flying in 2014.