Washington Bank

At the Washington Trust Bank Financial Center a Won-Door FireGuard door installation has saved the day

Won-Door Saves the Day

By Sharon Haddock


SPOKANE, Wa., — With a tight construction schedule, the project architect looked to Won-Door Corporation to manufacture, deliver and install critical accordion fire doors on time and on schedule.

"We were able to meet with the design team. Help revise the elevator lobby design and provide the doors in a timeframe that didn’t hold up the construction schedule”, explained Won-Door District Manager Carl Cary.

Cary said the financial center is a high-rise building that could eventually include Won-Doors on all 16 levels.

"Should the Won-Door product prove to be a success with the client, there may be potential to replicate this through other floors of the existing facility," said Matt Gray, an associate with the Wolfe Architectural Group.Washington Bank

The financial center is located at 717 West Sprague Avenue on the 8th floor in Spokane.

The area was finished in the winter of 2014 using two FireGuard 8'x8' doors that were put on the fast track and shipped to the project in the nick of time.

"Since Won Door furnishes and installs all of our own products we have the ability to quickly act on projects that need to be expedited. Quick shipping is one of the many options we have to meet a customer’s timeline. Cary explained. "There's a cost attributed to quick shipping, of course. Which is why we sit down with the customer and discuss all options Washington Bankavailable to them and pick the one that fits the timeline and project requirements."

The doors will provide smoke protection at the boundaries of the elevator lobby. Gray said the timing and logistics of obtaining the products and installing them were in question give the construction schedule "but were obviously approved in negotiations."

Peter Smith, president of Associated Construction Inc. of Spokane, said the doors not only provide smoke protection but open up the area into the tenant space for added ambiance and light.