Waga Wagga Base Hospital

Won-Door in Wagga Wagga Base Hospital is impressive and important

Wagga Wagga Base Hospital

WAGGA WAGGA, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA — In the Wagga Wagga Base Hospital is a curved 9m x 3m FireGuard door that is both protective and strategic in its role.

The door protects a stairway in the new hospital.

It also sends a signal to the building community that Won-Door partition doors can be trusted and that they are a proven reliable product, which meets the demands of theWagga Wagga Base Hospital Building Code of Australia.

The FireGuard door is normally not seen as it is hidden away in a pocket and only comes out in the event of a smoke detector activation in the area, to close off the stairway, thereby separating the ground floor and preventing fire from traveling  up through the building.

“This will open the door for other government work in NSW and  other states of Australia as well providing confidence in the non-government market, ,” said Ray Pickles, Managing Director.

“This project is of great importance to us as it is for a NSW state government hospital and having a Won-Door accepted on a government project is an important precedent which will help calm the doubters of this ‘new’ product on the Australian market. Everything has gone very  smoothly with this installation and the Won-Door FireGuard is now providing  fire security and peace of mind in this busy health center,” Pickles added.

Pickles and Nick Askelund, general manager for Won-Door New Zealand, have been working on the hospital door specification and installation for the past two years.

“We have received great support from the quality team to ensure this door has been trouble-free from start to finish,” Pickles said.Wagga Wagga Base Hospital

Wagga Wagga is about 5 hours drive from Sydney.

Wagga Wagga Base Hospital is a public hospital at 260-280 Edward St. and was renamed Wagga Wagga Rural Referral Hospital in January 2016. It is the largest hospital in the region, providing medical, surgical, orthopedic, psychiatric and pediatric inpatient services and emergency care to the wider Riverina area.

Wagga Wagga Base Hospital