Virtua Voorhees Hospital campus in New Jersey

Virtua Voorhees Hospital campus in New Jersey

Won-Door plays a double role at Virtua Voorhees

By Sharon Haddock

Won-Door products perform two essential jobs at the Virtua Voorhees Hospital campus in New JerseyVirtua Voorhees Hospital campus in New Jersey.

During the fit-out phase of construction, the FireGuard 60S door was used in the "E" lobby to provide safe separation between the atrium and the entrance of the diagnostic imaging suite, protecting the imaging suite from the ongoing construction.

Then the security function was deprogrammed making it possible for personnel to check out one door assembly rather than several when circumstances required it.

In addition, the Won-Door FG-60S is equipped with an optical obstruction detector to insure that the path of the door remains clear.

That's critical for an automatic door located in an area that will see a number of informational displays designed to go in and out of the main entrance.

The combined result provides transparent and unobtrusive fire and smoke separation while maintaining the openness of the E Lobby.

It improves the interior environmental health of the building, said Will Saraceni, Won-Door District Manager for the New York City and New Jersey areas.

"I like this application most because the doors meet differing functions in the life cycle of the project," Saraceni said. "During the tenant fit-out phase, it provided security between the Imaging Suite and on-going construction in the "E" lobby area.

"Upon completion it was repurposed to serve as a transparent fire separation and egress from the Imaging Suite into the  mezzanine area."

Virtua Voorhees Hospital campus in New Jersey provides state-of-the-art, high-level medical care in a family-centered, elegant atmosphere.

The 120-acre Virtua Voorhees Hospital campus in New Jersey campus  includes a 368-bed inpatient bed tower, a medical office building, a pediatrics medical office building, and an ambulatory care center designed by Hammel Green & Abrahamson of Minneapolis, MN and constructed by Gilbane Construction Co., Philadelphia PA.