United Therapeutics Corporation with Won-Door

United Therapeutics Corporation

Encircling a spiral staircase United Therapeutics Corporation

By Sharon Haddock

DURHAM, North Carolina — Three curved Won-Door accordion doors neatly complete the circle at the new United Therapeutics Corporation expansion in Durham.

As part of a glossy, colorful spiral staircase that climbs three floors in the new 180,000 square-foot building, the Won-Door FireGuard doors make it possible not only to isolate the spiral staircase corridor in emergency situations but to provide open space at the mezzanine level.

District Manager for the Carolinas, Laura Darre, said Won-Door was the only option that would allow wide-open spaces at the mezzanine level where the giant circular staircase serves as the main focal point in the expansion for the biotechnology company.

United Therapeutics Corporation is a thriving company that is focused on the development and commercialization of products that address medical needs of people with chronic and life-threatening cardiovascular and infectious diseases and cancer.

It's listed by industry peers as one of the top 100 biotechnology companies in the nation.

The company's lead product, Remodulin, is approved in the United States and various countries around the world for both continuous subcutaneous and continuous intravenous infusion for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. In addition to prostacyclin analogs like Remodulin, United Therapeutics develops glycobiological antiviral agents for the treatment of infectious diseases, such as Hepatitis C.
The new building in the Research Triangle will allow for triple the work force in expanded research and development of the wholesale pharmaceuticals.

Darre said the trio of doors in the new facility help create a continuous one-hour vertical opening protective around the circular corridor which wraps around the giant monumental circular staircase.

Bob Phillips, the lead architect for CRB Consulting Engineers, said the expansion was finished in 2012.

The staircase is a beautiful, spiral of red, silver, glass and stainless steel, enhanced by the freedom of design the Won-Door doors allow.

Phillips said the Won-Door products were ideal for the need.

"We used them in a radius to enclose the circular stairway."