Shands Hospital cafeteria Won-Door closing

Shands Hospital / Health Science Center Cafeteria Located on the University of Florida Campus

Won-Door plays a part in modern eatery at Shands Hospital

By Sharon Haddock

Shands Hospital / Health Science Center Cafeteria

In Florida, Won-Door Corporation is involved in a university cafeteria where the cooks think outside the box.

In September 2010, when Morrison Healthcare Food Services took over the $2.5 million remodel of the Shands Hospital / Health Science Center cafeteria located on the University of Florida campus, Director of Food and Nutrition Services John Tibbetts said a commitment was made to offer a healthier menu — one that increased fiber content while limiting fats and sodium.

"The goal of the menu is to provide great-tasting, attractively presented, healthy food in an environmentally conscious manner," Tibbetts said.

Dieticians, chefs and workers in the test kitchens create a base menu of traditional favorites but mix in a diversity of choices like ropa vieja and tilapia with roasted cherry tomatoes.

"Each year, the traditional comfort foods like meatloaf and fried chicken act as a base and are surrounded by new and seasonal items," Tibbetts explained.

The new cafeteria area thusly includes a deli bar, a sushi bar, a Tex Mex grill station and a brick-oven pizza station. It opened in December 2011 with a second phase completed in January 2012.

The Shands Hospital cafeteria offers a complete breakfast, lunch and dinner menu with hot entrees, soups, a salad bar and nutritional desserts along with takeout options.

In addition to the Classic meal line, there is an exhibition food station where food is prepared at the per guest request.

Consideration of regional issues is critical in menu customization, Tibbetts said. After all, Morrison is owned by Compass Group, a $9.8-billion company that spans 44 states and  98 countries.

With Shands' location in a college town, Tibbetts said environmental issues are a big concern. Recently, Morrison has been concentrating on sustainability and buying locally when possible.

"Morrison menus have focused on more sustainable seafood, cage-free eggs, hormone-free dairy and biodegradable packaging," Tibbetts said.

Custom Won-Door accordion doors are part of that unique remodel project with three single parting FireGuard doors 8' 3 1/4" high in lengths of 9, 15 and 16 feet.

Florida District Manager Eric Eiffert said the doors in the teaching hospital are in a high traffic area in a very busy hospital which makes it a high visibility project for Won-Door.

"The doors allow free-flowing movement of people in and out of a very busy cafeteria without the need to install traditional cumbersome swing-type fire doors," he said.

The doors are standard platinum since the doors are pocketed and generally out of sight until they're needed for fire protection.

The University of Florida is a public institution founded in 1853 with an undergraduate enrollment of 32,660 students.

The campus covers 2,000 acres, two miles away from downtown Gainesville.

The school has well-regarded graduate programs including its engineering school, the Hough Graduate School of Business, the Levin College of Law and the College of Medicine.