San Francisco Campus of Heald College Student Corridor

San Francisco Campus of Heald College

Opening the way at Heald College

By Sharon Haddock

San Francisco Campus of Heald College classroom corridor

At the San Francisco campus of Heald College, Won-Door helps open up the world — at least  for the nearly 200 students coming from the assembly hall and adjoining classrooms into the main corridor of its core building.

Instead of traditional swing doors that tend to bottleneck and slow progress, the main Won-Door FireGuard door stays completely out of the way, well concealed until it is needed.

Then it glides out smoothly and efficiently to provide a protective barrier against fire, smoke and noise, a safety corridor that provides a place to be out of harm's way.

Heather Dennis, the architect with Ware Malcomb out of San Ramon, Calif., said the Heald College project provided her the first opportunity to work with Won-Door Corporation and she was duly impressed.

Dennis said Won-Door really was the only solution to the problem presented when the fire marshal said the corridor and classroom space must be separated in case of a fire.

The college officials did not want dry wall or traditional swing-type doors so Won-Door solved the problem, she said.

The door installed in the campus building was extra long and extra tall, Dennis said, but works perfectly as it's completely concealed the majority of the time yet there in case of need.

Catherine Tubbs, the district manager in the area for Won-Door, said it was an honor for Won-Door to be included in a project with the kind of prestigious reputation that comes with Heald College.

Installer Nick Mattia said there are actually two Won-Door products in use on the campus, one that separates the hallway and the elevator and the bigger one that separates the classrooms and the corridor.

Both work efficiently and well, he said.

Founded in 1863, the San Francisco campus is the original home of Heald College, a leading, private, career college that offers programs in healthcare, business, legal and technology.

The 60,000-square-foot facility is conveniently located in the heart of the financial district with close proximity to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 employers.

The first business college in the western United States, Heald College traditionally has offered small classes, personal attention and a hands-on learning environment.

Over 145 years ago, Edward Payson Heald opened the first Heald College in San Francisco, California. Heald's mission was, and continues to be, to prepare students for business careers by providing them with career education that focuses on practical education and learning.

Heald College has persevered since 1863, weathering two major earthquakes and two World Wars.

As the needs of the workplace changed, the Heald College curriculum evolved from business courses to include technology, healthcare and legal degrees.

Famous alumni from Heald College include the founder of Bank of America, A.P. Giannini, restaurateur "Trader Vic" Bergeron, museum founder M.H. de Young and former governor of California, Hiram Johnson.