San Diego Central Library

San Diego Central Library

Won-Door part of new iconic San Diego Central Library

By Sharon Haddock

SAN DIEGO — With its iconic lattice-work dome, the New San Diego Central Library is changing the skyline of the city.  It's high-tech, innovative and visually impressive while it pays homage to San Diego's architectural history and serves the community in new ways.

Won-Door Corporation is a part of this $185 million project with seven 20' accordion FireGuard doors at seven open elevator lobbies.  "It's a futuristic project," said Michael Carter, Director of Strategic Accounts for the southern California area.  "It's one that has been on the drawing board for 15 years or so. I have worked on this for 10 years."  Carter said the new library will bring new life to the outskirts area of San Diego as well as make a mark in the architectural world.

The new library design has actually been 35 years in the making, involving hundreds of people and ideas as it celebrates the area's climate and multi-cultural demographic.  It opens to the public Sept. 30, 2013 at 330 Park Boulevard in downtown East Village.

Doug Wenck, with Turner Construction, said the building has changed the city's visible profile. The dome stands out among the skyscrapers and commercial buildings in the surrounding East Village area.  At the same time, it offers seamless gathering space for concerts and cultural events, houses an impressive collection of books and media, offers the use of 400 computers and GPS capability.

A charter high school, e3CivicHigh, is located on two of the library's floors.  The building is a shade making structure and provides ample fresh air space throughout its nine stories and 497,652 square feet.

Won-Door helps make the open feeling permeate the building as the elevator lobbies are protected by FireGuard doors that stay out of sight until there's a reason to activate them for fire and smoke protection.  Amanda Pritchett, with Tucker Sadler  & Associates said, the Won-Door doors are wonderful in that they're completely invisible and will continue to be so until they are needed.  "Obviously, the hope is that we don't ever need them," Pritchett said. "It's wonderful."

Rob Wellington Quigley, the principal architect on the project said the new library connects and separates the various community elements, the past, present and the future.  "That is really the essence of the dome," Quigley said. The story of the library is featured in a television segment currently being shown on  "We think it's the first of its kind in the United States," Mayor Jerry Sanders said.

San Diego Central Library exterior

San Diego Central Library with Won-Door

San Diego Central Library with Won-Door Closing

San Diego Central Library with Won-Door Alternate Angle

San Diego Central Library with Won-Door Closing Alternate Angle

San Diego Central Library with Won-Door Closing Alternate Angle 2

San Diego Central Library with another Won-Door