Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Won-Door products are part of Nationwide's effort to care for children

By Sharon Haddock

Nationwide Children's Hospital

COLUMBUS, Ohio — In the hallways of the Nationwide Children's Hospital are 18 appealing animal sculptures including a wooden rabbit, a duck and a squirrel that are part of a magic forest.

They provide a sense of comfort and security for very sick, young patients who come to Columbus for care and healing.

Won-Door does the same from behind the scenes with the FireGuard doors that separate the main hospital from the traffic areas in emergency situations. One 100-foot door is poised at the base of a monumental staircase. Others are strategically located on the lower levels, the 2nd, 6th and 31st floors.

Each provides a measure of safety in a crisis that can be relied upon.

That fits with the mission of Children’s National Medical Center which is to excel in care, advocacy, research and education through innovation and excellence, to be the standard against which all others are measured in a bright and happy place that feels like home.

Since a group of women in central Ohio first dreamed of the hospital and it's grown from a local treasure to a national resource, the mission has stayed the same: "Improve the lives of children regardless of a family's ability to pay."

Fittingly, as the city celebrated its bicentennial in 2012, Nationwide Children's Hospital celebrated its grandest achievement in its 120-year history and changed both the city skyline and the future of pediatric care.


The new 12-story main hospital, the largest pediatric care facility in the nation, and the hospital's third research building opened on June 11, 2012, adding 750,000 square feet of clinical space to the medical campus at 700 Children's Drive.

Medical staff, along with patients and their families worked alongside the architects and designers to create the facility that is not only a state-of-the-art medical campus but environmentally friendly. It took seven years of planning and four years of construction.

Jason Rickenbacher, district manager for the Ohio/Kentucky area for Won-Door Corporation, described the hospital expansion as "a very inviting, very interesting" project.

"This was a great project to work on with Turner Construction," Rickenbacher said. "There were many challenges and Turner was great to work with from start to finish. For whatever reason it is always fun to sell the big door like the one at the monumental stair but on this project all of the doors were just a little different making the whole project fun and challenging."

Okey Eneli, vice-president of engineering services for the hospital, said there are seven Won-Door doors in the expansion on multiple floors.

Okey’s focus is on ensuring that excellent medical care is supported by world-class facilities.

“In health care, there’s a lot of emphasis on utilities," he said. "For instance, power must be available 24 hours, seven days a week, so backup generators are routinely tested. From pressurized rooms to light balance, no small detail is overlooked. Great care is taken to make sure the environment in which kids or patients receive their care is not compromised at all."