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Kensington Community Church

FireGuard doors keep "Kids Zone" open and safe

By Sharon Haddock

Kensington Community Church building exterior


Kensington Community Church - Won-Door LAKE ORION, MI. — The FireGuard Compress Stack doors used in the new Kensington Community Church building don't just keep the "Kids Zone" area safe and inviting.

They provide peace of mind.

In case of an emergency, the doors are ready to close and separate the areas of play and worship from fire and smoke and danger.

The rest of the time the doors are discreetly hidden away, helping preserve a wide-open, accessible entrance.

Mike Stankovich, Won-Door's District Manager for the Michigan, Indiana, Illinois area, said he piqued the architect Brad Klein's interest in using the FireGuard technology when he made a luncheon presentation months before the project hit the drawing board.

Kensington Community Church - Won-Door Open"I saw this as an excellent application for the new Compressed Stack FireGuard doors," Stankovich said. "The doors are in the upper range of the FGCS door range and are a great test of this new FireGuard version assembly."

Klein, project architect for Stephen Auger & Associates, opted to use the existing structural columns at the entrance to the "Kids Zone" and divide the FireGuard doors between them.

Initially the separation was designed using one wide Bi-Parting FireGuard door, said Stankovich. That changed.

Two Won-Door FireGuard 90 S doors are now part of the 72,000 square-foot Kensington Community Church project. They are 20 'x 11' 4" doors with flat lead posts and packaged with the new unitized track and header system (which replaces the plywood and gypsum board header assemblies).

The doors incorporate Individual Door Status Display Modules, which give a consistently updated visual readout while monitoring the "health" of the door's operating system.

Jason Rewold, the contractor for Frank Rewold & Son, said Won-Door personnel were easy to work with and the doors are working well in the building. "I would use Won-Door again," he said.


Kensington Community Church - Won-Door ClosingThe Orion township church, located by 4640 South Lapeer Rd in Lake Orion, is the fifth Kensington Community Church facility in America. Four are in Michigan, one is in Orlando, Fl.

The new $10 million facility with a 1,500-seat auditorium, meeting space, children's areas and a drive-through coffee shop, is intended to be a regional hub for north Oakland County.

Kensington Community Church offers high-tech Sunday services, plenty of edge and rock music and invitations to those people who aren't drawn to traditional churches.

The church draws up to 12,000 people each week and, according to a billboard near the building, is "A church for people who don't like church."

The church building is in a prime location, located just north of Auburn Hills off 1-75.

The new building is seen by some of a sign that Kensington's unconventional approach to Christianity is successful.

The church has raised nearly $18 million in recent years, despite the struggles in the American economy and plans to put in additional branches in the Orion area in upcoming years.