Katy High School and open Corridor

Won-Door Corporation provides the answer

By Sharon Haddock


KATY, Texas — Three classic FireGuard doors built and supplied by Won-Door Corporation solved the renovation project puzzle for Katy High School and open Corridor.katycross2

katy2Instead of putting in a series of double, swing, fire doors at three places in the new and attached areas of the school, the architects found one Won-Door in each area did the job — satisfying fire code regulations, using the existing firewall and creating an open, free-flow feel for a high-use hallway.

Timothy Kunz, an associate with VLK Architects out of Houston, Texas, said the goal was to maintain an open corridor and the FireGuard disappearing accordion doors made that possible.

"We could have gone with multiple sets of doors but we chose this option," Kunz said. "It's worked really well. We wanted to open that corridor."

Two doors separate the Katy West renovation from the original building's cafeteria and the other is positioned at the main entryway.

The school can open and close the doors each day as needed, facilitating a variety of activities and plans.

Tellepsen Builders completed The Katy High School addition in August 2013.

katy1The west campus was opened as an elementary school in 1951.

When a new Katy elementary school opened in 1956, the building became Katy Jr. High School.

In the 1960s, an addition brought the number of classrooms up to 39 and a music room, a metal shop and an auto shop were added.

In 1996, the building became Katy High School west, connected to the newer campus by "C" Hall, a hall a quarter mile long.

In 2011, the brigade and wrestling gyms were razed along with the school's auditorium and replaced with a new freshman campus, new gyms, a new brigade, a new dance and choir room.

"We moved the 9th grade in closer," Kunz said.

katycrossThe new 108,000 square-foot campus incorporates many of the original campus features and uses lots of windows and natural light.

Fossilized limestone from the original exterior and maple wood flooring from the gym was reclaimed and reused. The original foyer featured terrazzo floors and red terrazzo wainscoted walls.

District Manager Angele Burton, who oversees the south Texas and south Louisiana areas, recommended the Katy High School project as one where Won-Door played an essential part.