Hoyt’s in Broadway Shopping Centre

Won-Door adds fresh look to Hoyt’s in Broadway Shopping CentreHoyts Open


SYDNEY, NSW, Australia — A new platinum, Won-Door FireGuard door  is neatly  in place between the Hoyt’s Cinema and the Broadway Shopping Centre.

The door is 10 meters by 3 meters and is a single opening door that replaces several sets of hinged fire doors with hold-opens.

“The problem was in the terrible sight lines,” explained District Manager Ray Pickles. “These fire doors have now been replaced with the Won-Door FireGuard door leaving the opening unobstructed.”Hoyt's Closed

In the event of smoke detector activation the Won-Door closes but still operates a means of egress.

Until such a time, it remains hidden behind a pocket door panel.

Nick Askelund general manager for the Won-Door New Zealand Limited office in Auckland, explained that the shopping centre building itself is very old.

The door was installed in January 2015 as part of a refurbishment.

Hoyt’s is a premium cinema “redefined” that offers movie-watching from recliner seats, complimentary popcorn, soft drinks and gourmet food and wine upon request.Hoyt's 2016Hoyt's Swing