Heart Pavilion at the Lankenau Medical Center


By Sharon Haddock


lankenau1WYNNEWOOD, Pa. — Doctors, administrators and patients alike, are singing the praises of the new Heart Pavilion at the Lankenau Medical Center opened in the late summer of 2013.

The Won-Door Corporation is part of that pavilion and related campus buildings.

"The doors offer an open design throughout, allowing for all of the natural light to come in from the exterior wall of windows," said Courtney Watson, Won-Door District Manager for the area. "The open design also provides better airflow and traffic flow throughout the buildings."

The 19 FireGuard doors are a combination of straight track doors, doors that follow a curve, traditional nose-style lead post model doors and the newer compressed stack, flat lead post model, doors.

Sixteen doors are in the pavilion: three each at the visitor elevators on three floors, one on the street level and on the mezzanine level in the waiting areas and two in the patient wing onlankenau2 the fourth floor.

Two more doors are in the center building and connector building waiting area.

Another door in the south Medical Office Building is at the atrium.

The point-of-access doors in front of the elevators provide fire and smoke protection while still maintaining an open design feel in and around the elevators.

Two provide occupancy separation (in the waiting areas) while two more provide a seamless transition between old and new construction.

Two provide cross-corrider protection. The atrium door provides vertical opening protection.

The doors range in size from three feet to 22 feet in length and approximately eight feet to almost 11 feet tall.

lankenau3Kerry F. Sehulster, who works in the engineering department of the medical center, handles the fire alarm and security concerns for the facility.

Sehulster said all of the doors at the medical center provide an effective barrier to fire and smoke when they are activated.

The Lankenau Medical Center is one of the region's oldest and most honored hospital facilities. The center is ranked as one of the top five hospitals in Philadelphia and one of the top 10 in Pennsylvania by U.S. News and World Report in 2014.

The hospital was started in 1860 as a 50-bed facility known as the "German Hospital of the City of Philadelphia" offering admission to "unmarried persons paying 25 cents a month."lankenau5

The Heart Pavilion was constructed as part of Main Line Health's Lankenau Heart Institute. Main Line is a regional health system with more than 2,000 board-certified physicians, four acute care facilities and a large network of patient care locations.

Lankenau Medical Center is home to Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR). LIMR is one of a few freestanding, hospital-associated research centers in the nation dedicated to advancing patients’ health and quality of life.