Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Won-Door fire door

Gibbon building on the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Won-Door security and fire doors open the way

By Sharon HaddockGibbon Building Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Won-Door Installs Accordion Fire Doors

PHILADELPHIA — The Won-Door accordion doors in the Gibbon building on the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital campus in Pennsylvania do more than protect people from fire and harm.

They are opening the way to do more of the same.

Courtney Watson, district manager for the Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New York regions for Won-Door Corporation, says the doors are included in what could become a line of renovation projects that rely on Won-Door.

"We don't see a lot of renovation projects," Watson said. "This is a real opportunity.

"The cool thing about this is that they (Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals) share their workload with different architects through the area so they can say, 'We want a Won-Door here' and they'll listen."

Watson said the doors in the servery and lobby in the Gibbon building provide both security and fire protection between the kitchen, the dining space and (in the lobby) for the bank and pharmacy.

All six doors in the two phases have one key switch, one LCD display, one vision panel, and are tied into remote monitoring/operating software (ASL).  All of the doors are approximately 11’-6” wide and 8’ tall.

The doors are part of the first two phases of a renovation project that will now move into a third phase that takes out a Won-Door but replaces it with another.

Tony Van Dyke, the fire marshal for Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals over environmental health and safety, explains that the Gibbon building was constructed with two large atriums connecting the connecting corridors and adjacent space with large openings.

enclosed adjacent spaces," he said. "When it was determined that a fire-rated separation was needed between the atriums and the adjacent spaces, the hospital (administration) decided that the Won-Doors would be the best way to maintain the openness of the atrium and provide the level needed to protect our facility.

By installing Won-Door doors, the lighting and the openness of the atrium was maintained as well as the safest patient care environment, he said.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals has a total of 25 buildings in downtown Philadelphia.

Established in 1825, the Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals are dedicated to excellence in patient care, patient safety and the quality of the healthcare experience.

There are four primary locations: the main hospital (with 969 acute care beds) and Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience in Center City Philadelphia, the Methodist Hospital in South Philadelphia, the Jefferson Hospital at the Navy Yard and one at Voorhees in South Jersey.

The hospitals are an academic medical center within the Jefferson Health System and serve patients in Philadelphia and the surrounding Delaware Valley community residents while educating tomorrow's health professionals in a variety of disciplines.

The Jefferson hospitals were named on the U.S. News & World Reports prestigious Best Hospitals Honor Roll for 2013-14 as the 17th best of nearly 5,000 hospitals in the

United States.