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Fossil Company World headquarters building in North Dallas, Texas

Doors at Fossil world headquarters efficient, invisible

By Sharon Haddock

The 16 Won-Door accordion fire doors in the Fossil Company World headquarters building in North Dallas, Texas, are invisible protectors of the public, according to project supervisor Randall Navis.

They stay inside their pockets on the sides of the escalator lobbies until the alarm sounds and then they slide together to isolate and stop smoke migration in the case of a fire.

"They are instrumental in the escalator lobbies for this building," Navis said.

Navis works for Structure Tone Southwest, the contractor hired for the remodel of the Blue Cross Blue Shield building.

Navis said the Won-Door products were easier to fit into the renovation plan because they required less "overhead conflict" with pipes and wires.

The doors are longer than standard and close simultaneously from two sides in an emergency to enclose and protect the excalator lobby.

District Manager Dave Larsen said the existing building located at 901 Central Expressway in Richardson is a five-story open concept building connected by the escalators.

The openness makes the building vulnerable to smoke migration so to bring the building up to current safety standards, four platinum FireGuard 180 doors were installed per floor. The project cost $279,000 for 16 doors 9'5" tall and 22' 10" and 12' 10" long.

That brought the building into compliance with the international building code.

The alternative would probably have included using fire shutters, Navis said.

Koko Namura, an architect for Corgan Associates, said the company was willing to absorb whatever the doors cost to achieve the aesthetic design they wanted.

"We really were looking for a design solution to open up the lobby areas. I was really optimistic that we could make it work. The design rep (Dave Larsen) was really helpful."

Namura's experience with Won-Door products previously had left her with the impression that the doors were large and somewhat cumbersome.

She was pleased with the sleek, segmented doors that were ultimately used in the Fossil project.

"FireGuard was the best possible choice for this project to allow the escalator openings on multiple floors to remain open and protect the connecting visual core element of this project. The wide span openings surrounding the escalators provide a dramatic free flowing environment while at the same time providing the code-complying "invisible" fire separation offered by the hidden accordion folding FireGuard doors by Won-Door," said Larsen.