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Won-Door provides answer to access problem at Bicycle Hotel and Casino

Won-Door provides answer to access problem

answer to access problem

BELL GARDENS, Calif. — With the addition of a 99-room, 5- star luxury hotel to the Bicycle Casino, the architect needed a way to ensure crowds could freely move from the casino floor to the hotel area.

The way needed to be open and, in the event of a fire or similar emergency, a way that could be closed off quickly.

Won-Door FireGuard accordion doors were the answer.

Wade Kao, the project architect for Lee & Sakahara Architecture of Irvine, said the expectation is that in an emergency situation there will be between 800-900 people coming through the north end area that connects the hotel with the casino.

“The door needed to be a bi-parting door. We couldn’t deal with a single part door,” Kao said. “And we needed a three-hour separation.”

Won-Door Director of Strategic Accounts Mike Carter said the door installed is a 36’ x 11’6” FireGuard door between the old and new areas.

Carter said the project shows the flexibility of design when utilizing Won –Doors accordion folding fire-doors in large occupant load facilities while not disturbing the day-to-day operations of an assembly area.

There are also 6’ 6” x 8’ 0” FireGuard 90 doors in each of the five hotel tower elevator lobbies.

Kao said he didn’t want a hold-open door in the lobbies so again, Won-Door provided the solution.

The 7-story Bicycle Hotel and Casino with 117,907 square feet of space, completed in the fall of 2015, is one of the world’s largest casinos, located near downtown Los Angeles.