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Side Hinged Doors (Before)

Side Hinged Doors (Before)

Won-Door Installed (After)

Won-Door Installed (After)


The Won-Door FireGuard™ CS (CompressedStack ) fire doors are specifically designed for applications that are up to 30 feet wide and up to 10 feet in height.

Unique features of this fire door include:

  • ALTERNATIVE TO SIDE-HINGED FIRE DOORS - When compared to hollow metal fire doors on hold-opens, the Won-Door FireGuard™ CS door is a single source assembly that eliminates the expense and associated maintenance costs of metal frames, astragals, vertical rods, closers, magnetic hold-opens, kick plates, exit hardware, etc.
  • SMALLER STORAGE POCKETS - Due to design improvements, the required storage pocket depths have been reduced by over 50%.  An 8'-0" wide Won-Door FireGuard™ CS door requires only a 1'- 6" deep storage pocket.  A traditional accordion fire door would require over 3 feet of pocket depth.  That equates to re-claimed floor space for the designer.
  • INTEGRATED POCKET COVER DOOR - The Won-Door FireGuard™ CS door incorporates a flat lead-post design with an integrated pocket cover door.  The integrated pocket cover door is part of the assembly and covered by the U.L. label.  This eliminates the expense of constructing and installing a non-labeled pocket cover door on site.
  • SELF-SUPPORTING TRACK SYSTEM - The Integrated Self-Supporting (ISS) Track System eliminates the multiple layers of plywood and drywall found in conventional accordion fire door headers.

Additional Information:

  • Fire Rating - up to 180 minutes
  • Smoke Rating - available
  • Access Control - available
  • Vision Panel - available
  • Air Pressure Resistance - up to 0.1" of water column is allowed (additional equipment required)
  • Single-parting only
  • Straight only
  • Temperature Rise - not available
  • Moveable Fire Wall - not available
  • For Bi-parting, Curved, Temperature Rise and Movable Fire Wall applications see FireGuard Classic


The Won-Door FireGuard fire door assembly may only be installed and serviced by factory-trained personnel. However, it is important that building personnel have a basic understanding of their purpose and operation.

Printed manuals offering more complete information are available in the "more info" tab, from your sales representative or by calling (800) 453-8494. In addition, the following are typical questions that may arise:

How do I operate the Won-Door FireGuard door?

The UL listed Won-Door FireGuard assembly is installed in the open position, typically in a storage pocket, closing upon a signal from either a smoke detector or fire alarm system. The door assembly operates on a 12 volt DC system that includes batteries, a transformer and a microprocessor. A 120-volt AC line connected to a junction box in the storage pocket near the “Control Box” is used to continually float charge the batteries at 13.6 volts. Upon activation of a building alarm, the door will close automatically. The speed at which the door closes can vary, but it is typically set to close at 9 inches per second. Concurrent with the building alarm will be the activation of the horn, an audible signal sounding a steady tone indicating that the system is in “Fire Mode.” It will remain in this condition until the system is physically reset.

How do I reset the door?

Alarm activation is the major reason that resetting the door will be necessary. After the alarm has been cleared, reset the system by operating the rocker switch first to the Close/Clear position to reset the door, then to the Open/Mute position to put the door back into its storage pocket.

How do I get the door to open?

Once the door is in the fully closed position it can be reopened using one of the three following methods.

  • Press the Close/Clear | Open/Mute (CCOM) rocker switch to the Open/Mute position. This will engage the motor and open the partition. The switch is located on one side near the leading edge of the door assembly. Once the door is in operation, it can be stopped at any point by pressing the same switch to the Close/Clear position.
  • Depress the Exit Hardware. Minimal pressure applied anywhere on this plate will cause the door to retract a preset distance from its closed position. If the exit hardware is depressed again after the door has stopped, it will open an additional distance equal to the established opening width. After retracting to the prescribed opening width, if the door is in Fire Mode, it will pause before recycling closed.
  • Operate the door Manually by physically pushing it back to create an opening. This method can be used if there is a complete loss of power.

Why is my door beeping?

If the door is in either the open or the closed position and you hear a fault signal, listen carefully to the horn pattern and compare it to the following charts. This pattern will indicate what has caused the condition. The color of your control box, typically located behind the door, will determine which chart you should use.

For doors with a “Black” control box (018104BTQR)

Alarm Code Description
One Beep DC Fault:VDC: 11.6 - 13.9
Two Beeps AC Fault:VAC: 105 - 130
Three Beeps Switch Malfunction:Key Switch, CCOM, Door Block, Exit Hardware
Four Beeps Drive Train/Hardware Fault:Microprocessor has received a move instruction, but has not received valid data from optical encoder.
Five Beeps Thermal Lock Out/Security Fault:TLS - Fuse 2 or 3 is broken or weakened. Fuse 2 or 3 is broken or weakened. Fuse 2 or 3 is broken or weakened.Security - If door is in Door Lock, If door is in Door Lock, If door is in Door Lock, If door is in Door Lock.
Six Beeps Limit Calibration:The door has executed a limit calibration mode. Close the door to stop the beeping.
Continuous Beep Fire Mode

If you cannot clear the fault, call Won-Door at 800-890-2111 to schedule a factory-trained technician to repair your door.

If your door has a “Beige” control box (C2K)

  • A SINGLE BEEP means that the disconnect switch has been turned off and the door is being serviced. The disconnect switch is located at the top of the control box. The red paddle on the switch can be removed to prevent the switch from being turned back on while the door is being serviced.
  • SIX BEEPS mean that the door needs to be re-zeroed. To re-zero close the door making sure that the leading edge of the door enters the striker before the door stops moving.
  • A CONTINUOUS TONE means that the door is in fire mode and will seek the closed position. As soon as the initiating device has been cleared, operating the rocker or key switch to the closed position will reset the door. It can then be operated back into the pocket.
  • The following trouble codes have specific patterns to aid in identifying problems.
Pattern Trouble Condition Pattern Trouble Condition
1 - 1 - 1 Low DC Voltage 1- 1 - 2 High DC Voltage
1 - 1 - 3 Bad Battery 1- 1 - 4 Missing Battery
1 - 2 - 1 Low AC Voltage 1- 2 - 2 High AC Voltage
1 - 3 Alarm Fuse Failure 1- 3 - 1 Auxiliary Fuse Failure
1 - 4 - 1 Mux Fuse Failure 1- 3 - 2 N/A
2 - 1 Hinderance 2 - 2 Direction Error
2 - 3 Drive Train Error 2 - 4 Obstruction
2 - 5 Curve Obstruction 2 - 6 N/A
3 - 2 Exit Hardware Stuck 3 - 2 - 1 Key Open/Close Both Active
3 - 3 Limit Switch Stuck 3 - 4 Key Switch Stuck
4 - 1 Memory Error 4 - 1 - 1 Firmware Error
4 - 2 ROM Error/ROM Failure 4 - 3 Mux Com Error
5 - 1 Thermal Lockout 5 - 2 Security Failure

Who do I call for service?

To schedule service or request additional information, contact the Won-Door Service Department at (800)-890-2111.

Stack Calculator

For storage pocket depth calculation, please use our Stack Calculator.

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