Won-Door Best Choice for Charlotte Douglas Airport

Won-Door best choice for airport rental facility

By Sharon Haddock


Charlotte Douglas Airport

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Won-Door sliding accordion fire door system is unobtrusively providing fire and smoke protection and economical efficiency at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

The CLT Rental Car and Hourly Parking Deck Facility  — originally designed for a competitor's product with Won-Door as the alternate — uses a Won-Door FireGuard horizontal door system to separate the entry lobby parking deck from the customer service area.

"This project was originally specified with a McKeon Fire Door Product as the basis for design and Won-Door listed as an alternate," said Laura Darre, district manager for the Carolinas.

"We aggressively pursued this project with the new Won-Door FGCS product for this application.  Won-Door was hands down obviously the better choice for this project."

Darre said the Won-Door FGCS doors were able to offer the owner a horizontal sliding accordion fire door system that was approved for "means of egress” without a separate side-hinged fire door without a floor track.

Charlotte Douglas Airport
It stores into a shallow pocket and has an integrated pocket cover door.

Thus, Won-Door was able to meet and exceed the specifications as well as save the owner tens of thousands of dollars, Darre said.

Brian Bresg, an architect with  LS3p Associates in Charlotte, said there are actually four motorized, folding, doors (approximately 20' x 10') tied into the building fire alarm system.

The doors will effectively separate the lobby vestibules from the business area in times of emergency but stay out of sight and out of the way until needed.

Bresg said his firm is familiar with Won-Door and has used the doors on previous projects as well.Charlotte Douglas Airport

Archer-Western - The Walsh Group, is the contractor for the project.

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport is one of the busiest airports in America and in the world.

In the last two decades, the airport has become the nation's 6th largest airport in operations and the 8th busiest in number of passengers with over 44 million flying in 2014.






Won-Door folds in nicely to Toll House Hotel renovation


Won-Door folds in nicely to Toll House Hotel renovation

By Sharon Haddock

Won-Door folds in nicely to Toll House Hotel renovation

LOS GATOS, Ca. — When it came time to add and upgrade restaurant space in the Toll House Hotel on Santa Cruz Avenue in Los Gatos, Won-Door fire doors provided a way to do that without disturbing the famed hotel's ambience and charm.

Glen Shikora, restaurant manager of the Verge, which is part of the 115-room, three-floor hotel that snuggled into the base of mountains in the quaint California town, said the renovated space opens up to the lobby so hotel and restaurant guests can walk freely between the two.

"It was certainly the right piece of equipment (for us)," Shikora said. "We are very happy with our choice."Won-Door folds in nicely to Toll House Hotel renovation

He said the doors fit in nicely, do their job well and satisfy the fire marshal's requirements.

The restaurant opened quietly in early February followed by a grand opening April 13 in 2015.

Two Won-Door FireGuard doors that wait concealed in the walls by the restaurant entrance are each seven feet tall. One is 13'6" long and the other is 5'10".

Shikora said there will eventually be hinged cover pocket doors hung over the openings to further conceal the protective doors. When the FireGuard doors activate, the cover doors will flip aside and the accordion doors will slide into place to separate the restaurant and lobby from fire and smoke in an emergency.

Won-Door folds in nicely to Toll House Hotel renovationDistrict Manager for northern Nevada and northern California for Won-Door, Cheryl L. Domnitch, said the Toll House Hotel, built of wood frame construction, required an occupancy separation between the recently renovated restaurant/lounge and the hotel registration lobby.

"The solution to include two Won-Door Accordion Folding Fire Doors allowed for the two spaces to communicate more openly, creating a more welcoming and inviting entrance into the Verge Restaurant and Lounge," she explained.
Colin Russell of Russell Architects, designed the renovation. McDevitt Construction did the construction.Won-Door folds in nicely to Toll House Hotel renovation


Cook Childrens

Cook Children’s facility


Won-Door plays key part in Cook Children's facility

By Sharon Haddock


FORT WORTH, Texas — In what was the first children's hospital in Fort Worth nearly a century ago to one of the largest, full-service hospitals in north and west Texas today, Won-Door Corporation plays an integral part.

Won-Door supplied over a dozen doors in the north tower expansion finished in January 2012.cookhospital

In the new south tower building, there will be about 30 FireGuard Cross-Corridor doors that protect elevator lobbies, common areas and provide smoke and fire control in emergency situations.

The doors ensure safety for the hospital's new emergency department, a new surgery suite and a new heart center.

cooktower2Cook Childrens' already has one of the busiest emergency departments in the nation, with 120,000 young patients seen each year.

The new surgery suite will make room for the latest in technological advances and more efficient use of services and ceiling space.

The heart center will bring all cardiology services together on the same level.

Overall, there will be more space and more opportunity for efficiency.

Using Won-Door technology and expertise as well as sophisticated products helps make that possible and workable.

It's anticipated the new South Tower will be finished and operational by 2016, designed by RTKL Architects and built by Linbeck Construction.

Cook Childrens' Hospital public relations spokeswoman Winifred King said there are doors in the basement and on four floors protecting the classrooms, the pediatric intensive care unit, the family lounge, the gym, the snack shop and the elevator lobbies in the north tower, the south extension, and the pavilion.

Equipment in the Cook Childrens' facility is scaled for child-size bodies. The staff, which includes the largest number of network pediatric doctors in north Texas, also boasts nurses, therapists and specialists specifically trained to work with and help heal children.

Won-Door District Manager for the central Texas region, David Larsen, said, “This new complex is equipped with the latest in health care technology and in every aspect of its construction and equipment. This insures that all those who enter this facility not only receive the finest medical care but also are protected by state-of-the-art fire protection equipment should the need ever arise. Won-Door is proud to be a partner with this impressive long standing high quality health care provider.”

Won-Door provides smoke protection

Won-Door provides smoke protection and a breath of fresh air for Southwest Airlines


Won-Door provides smoke protection and Fresh air in the airline headquarters building

By Sharon Haddock

Won-Door provides smoke protection

DALLAS — In the new space for Southwest Airlines world headquarters, Won-Door provides smoke protection and a breath of fresh air, if you will.

The multiple doors in the expansion and renovation project — scheduled to be finished in 2016 — allow for open space and separate the central atriums from the common, gathering space for airline personnel.

Urmil Shah, the senior project manager for StructureTone general contractors, said the doors will protect people from smoke in case of a fire emergency.

Marti Dubission with Corgan Architects, verified that there is a Won-Door door on each of the second and third floors and two smaller ones in the renovated area.

Some existing fire doors will be removed and Won-Door products installed to replace them.

Two additional doors will be installed before summer.

The doors stack in corridor walls and only take up half the space required for other kinds of fire doors. They span from 8-12 feet wide and match the full height of the corridor.

Area District Manager David Larsen said the doors utilize the new FireGuard Cross Corridor assembly which includes the innovative and integrated flat pocket concealing lead post.

The track is recessed into the ceiling providing concealment and is painted to match the surrounding area. This, it appears there is nothing there, Larsen added.

This provides an open and free flowing environment during a normal workday.

The new headquarters expansion provides space for Southwest Airlines' 24-hour customer service, support and training, operations coordination, maintenance operations and crew scheduling.

To be known as "Headquarters West," the new, spacious, facility is west of Denton Drive, across from the Dallas Love Field Airport.

Southwest Airlines' workforce has grown from fewer than 9,000 employees in 1990 to the largest airline carrier (based on domestic departures) in the United States.

Southwest Airlines flies to 64 cities in 32 states.

The busiest airports serviced include Dallas Love Field.


New arts complex on U of U campus includes FireGuard doors

New arts complex on U of U campus includes FireGuard doors

By Sharon Haddock

Sorensen Art Center

SALT LAKE CITY — The new Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts and Education Complex on the University of Utah campus is a beautiful, welcome addition to the campus.

The unique facility cost $37.5 million.

Sorensen Art Ctr 4Completed in February of 2014, the 110,000 square-foot facility has seven classrooms, a 200-seat auditorium, six dance studios, a black box theater with retractable seating, an art studio, a costume fabrication shop and a model classroom along with demonstration space and 27 conference and project rooms.

There are also three Won-Door FireGuard doors that protect the elevator lobby, the adjacent corridor and the conference room entrance in case of a fire.Sorensen Art Ctr

Okland Construction project manager Brent R. Kimball said the firm uses Won-Door product whenever the design calls for them and they always work well. In the arts complex, the FireGuard doors serve to efficiently to separate the College of Arts and Education area from the Tanner Dance Program side.

Project architect of EDA of Salt Lake, Greg Brooks, said the doors are a good fit for the project and recently passed the one-year warranty inspection with no problems.

senArtCtr6The four-story complex was built to honor and serve as a legacy to Beverley Taylor Sorenson, the wife of business icon James LeVoy Sorenson, and the complex provides a home for the College of Education and the Tanner Dance progam.

The Tanner Dance wing features four dance floors with maple flooring, ballet bars, 8' mirrors and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The complex provides a place for training, practice, integrated research and advocacy for including arts education into core subjects.senArtCtr13

"The completion of this building represents the beginning of an incredibly exciting endeavor for the University of Utah that has the potential to profoundly impact arts-integrated education on a national scale," University of Utah President David Pershing said in press release pertaining to the ribbon-cutting in 2014. (See the release at:

"The interdisciplinary work of the College of Education and the College of Fine Arts is focused on the ongoing development of teaching models in which the arts are used to teach multiple subjects."

senArtCtr11At the time, associate vice-president for the Arts and dean of the College of Fine Arts, Raymond Tyman-Jones, said Utah has a long history of supporting arts-integrated education and those good works will continue in perpetuity at the new plex.

"As far as I am aware, never before has an undertaking as deliberate or elaborate as this new interdisciplinary complex been attempted, and it is incredibly exciting to be part of it," Tymas-Jones said.

Washington Bank

At the Washington Trust Bank Financial Center a Won-Door FireGuard door installation has saved the day

Won-Door Saves the Day

By Sharon Haddock


SPOKANE, Wa., — With a tight construction schedule, the project architect looked to Won-Door Corporation to manufacture, deliver and install critical accordion fire doors on time and on schedule.

"We were able to meet with the design team. Help revise the elevator lobby design and provide the doors in a timeframe that didn’t hold up the construction schedule”, explained Won-Door District Manager Carl Cary.

Cary said the financial center is a high-rise building that could eventually include Won-Doors on all 16 levels.

"Should the Won-Door product prove to be a success with the client, there may be potential to replicate this through other floors of the existing facility," said Matt Gray, an associate with the Wolfe Architectural Group.Washington Bank

The financial center is located at 717 West Sprague Avenue on the 8th floor in Spokane.

The area was finished in the winter of 2014 using two FireGuard 8'x8' doors that were put on the fast track and shipped to the project in the nick of time.

"Since Won Door furnishes and installs all of our own products we have the ability to quickly act on projects that need to be expedited. Quick shipping is one of the many options we have to meet a customer’s timeline. Cary explained. "There's a cost attributed to quick shipping, of course. Which is why we sit down with the customer and discuss all options Washington Bankavailable to them and pick the one that fits the timeline and project requirements."

The doors will provide smoke protection at the boundaries of the elevator lobby. Gray said the timing and logistics of obtaining the products and installing them were in question give the construction schedule "but were obviously approved in negotiations."

Peter Smith, president of Associated Construction Inc. of Spokane, said the doors not only provide smoke protection but open up the area into the tenant space for added ambiance and light.

Ikea Miami

IKEA includes Won-Door FireGuard door Miami store


IKEA includes Won-Door FireGuard door Miami store


Ikea MiamiMIAMI, Fla., — Just inside the front doors of the IKEA Sweetwater store in southern Florida is a hidden Won-Door FireGuard door.Ikea Miami

The fire door would mostly go unnoticed by the customers coming in and stepping into the upper floor but in case of a fire or similar emergency, the Won-Door FireGuard door could make a life-saving difference.

The general contractor, Balfour Beatty Construction, put in the 22' x 12' door between the garage and the public retail space to provide the required fire rating.

The FireGuard fire door will provide 180 minutes of protection against smoke inhalation and heat damage if there is a fire or emergency situation.

Gustavo Castro, a project engineer for Balfour Beatty, said the door is one of a kind for the IKEA stores.

Ikea Miami"It's been working. It separates the atrium and the retail space," Castro said. He said the door serves as part of achieving the fire rating needed.

Eric Eiffert, district manager for the Florida area, said GreenbergFarrow of New York is the architect on record for the project.

Ikea MiamiThe 416,000-square foot IKEA store opened on August 27th of 2014, the 39th such store in the United States and the largest in south Florida.

On the average, IKEA stores offer between 350,000-450,000 square feet of retail space featuring home furnishings for a global market.

Ikea Miami


Heart Pavilion at the Lankenau Medical Center


By Sharon Haddock


lankenau1WYNNEWOOD, Pa. — Doctors, administrators and patients alike, are singing the praises of the new Heart Pavilion at the Lankenau Medical Center opened in the late summer of 2013.

The Won-Door Corporation is part of that pavilion and related campus buildings.

"The doors offer an open design throughout, allowing for all of the natural light to come in from the exterior wall of windows," said Courtney Watson, Won-Door District Manager for the area. "The open design also provides better airflow and traffic flow throughout the buildings."

The 19 FireGuard doors are a combination of straight track doors, doors that follow a curve, traditional nose-style lead post model doors and the newer compressed stack, flat lead post model, doors.

Sixteen doors are in the pavilion: three each at the visitor elevators on three floors, one on the street level and on the mezzanine level in the waiting areas and two in the patient wing onlankenau2 the fourth floor.

Two more doors are in the center building and connector building waiting area.

Another door in the south Medical Office Building is at the atrium.

The point-of-access doors in front of the elevators provide fire and smoke protection while still maintaining an open design feel in and around the elevators.

Two provide occupancy separation (in the waiting areas) while two more provide a seamless transition between old and new construction.

Two provide cross-corrider protection. The atrium door provides vertical opening protection.

The doors range in size from three feet to 22 feet in length and approximately eight feet to almost 11 feet tall.

lankenau3Kerry F. Sehulster, who works in the engineering department of the medical center, handles the fire alarm and security concerns for the facility.

Sehulster said all of the doors at the medical center provide an effective barrier to fire and smoke when they are activated.

The Lankenau Medical Center is one of the region's oldest and most honored hospital facilities. The center is ranked as one of the top five hospitals in Philadelphia and one of the top 10 in Pennsylvania by U.S. News and World Report in 2014.

The hospital was started in 1860 as a 50-bed facility known as the "German Hospital of the City of Philadelphia" offering admission to "unmarried persons paying 25 cents a month."lankenau5

The Heart Pavilion was constructed as part of Main Line Health's Lankenau Heart Institute. Main Line is a regional health system with more than 2,000 board-certified physicians, four acute care facilities and a large network of patient care locations.

Lankenau Medical Center is home to Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR). LIMR is one of a few freestanding, hospital-associated research centers in the nation dedicated to advancing patients’ health and quality of life.



Katy High School and open Corridor

Won-Door Corporation provides the answer

By Sharon Haddock


KATY, Texas — Three classic FireGuard doors built and supplied by Won-Door Corporation solved the renovation project puzzle for Katy High School and open Corridor.katycross2

katy2Instead of putting in a series of double, swing, fire doors at three places in the new and attached areas of the school, the architects found one Won-Door in each area did the job — satisfying fire code regulations, using the existing firewall and creating an open, free-flow feel for a high-use hallway.

Timothy Kunz, an associate with VLK Architects out of Houston, Texas, said the goal was to maintain an open corridor and the FireGuard disappearing accordion doors made that possible.

"We could have gone with multiple sets of doors but we chose this option," Kunz said. "It's worked really well. We wanted to open that corridor."

Two doors separate the Katy West renovation from the original building's cafeteria and the other is positioned at the main entryway.

The school can open and close the doors each day as needed, facilitating a variety of activities and plans.

Tellepsen Builders completed The Katy High School addition in August 2013.

katy1The west campus was opened as an elementary school in 1951.

When a new Katy elementary school opened in 1956, the building became Katy Jr. High School.

In the 1960s, an addition brought the number of classrooms up to 39 and a music room, a metal shop and an auto shop were added.

In 1996, the building became Katy High School west, connected to the newer campus by "C" Hall, a hall a quarter mile long.

In 2011, the brigade and wrestling gyms were razed along with the school's auditorium and replaced with a new freshman campus, new gyms, a new brigade, a new dance and choir room.

"We moved the 9th grade in closer," Kunz said.

katycrossThe new 108,000 square-foot campus incorporates many of the original campus features and uses lots of windows and natural light.

Fossilized limestone from the original exterior and maple wood flooring from the gym was reclaimed and reused. The original foyer featured terrazzo floors and red terrazzo wainscoted walls.

District Manager Angele Burton, who oversees the south Texas and south Louisiana areas, recommended the Katy High School project as one where Won-Door played an essential part.

University of Texas Austin College of Liberal Arts

AUSTIN, Texas — In a project focused on efficiency and flexibility, 20 Won-Door FireGuard doors play an essential and welcome role.

The doors used in the six-story University of Texas Austin College of Liberal Arts Building fit in seamlessly as they protect the fire stairs — communicating public stairs designed with integrated systems (concealed stair pressurization and fire standpipes) — and plenty of natural light.

They are out of sight, helping to create an aesthetically pleasing look while still providing the life safety function such a venture demands.

The innovative LEED Gold project was fit onto a constrained site. (To the north is a major pedestrian mall, to the west is an existing college student center, to the south is a student fitness center and to the east is Waller Creek.)

The new building was thus confined to a fairly square footprint so the design team needed to think and work creatively. They wove the natural landscape's fluid lines and the building's more rigid grid into an interesting and compelling mix, blurring inside and outside spaces.

Landscape courtyards and green roof spaces directly relate to interior gathering spaces and provide garden-like settings on the exterior.

An elevated wooden boardwalk connects the courtyard spaces without treading heavily on the landscape.

Glass panels serve as waterless water features, representing the color of Austin's river at various times of the day.

One of the major goals was to achieve functional flexibility.

Another was to allow the college to easily adapt, change, add or expand departments.

There was a conscious effort to encourage people to use the stairs rather than the elevators, collaborate between floors and make them a central feature.

The Won-Doors helped bring this about blending into a design that is responsive, open and imaginative.

The building project provided plenty of opportunities to come up with fresh ideas and new ways of achieving beauty with purpose.

Angele Burton, district manager for South Texas and South Louisiana, said the liberal arts building was the largest domestic project Won-Door closed in 2011.

The 212,000-square foot, glass and limestone, $85 million building, designed by Overland Partners Architects, has 30 modern classrooms, study rooms, meeting areas, laboratories, faculty offices and a conference center for symposiums, lectures and special events.

For the first time since the main hall was torn down in the 1930s, College of Liberal Arts students have space of their own that brings 24 departments and more than 600 faculty members together rather than spread throughout 30 buildings.

Faculty and students of different disciplines can more easily collaborate on both sides of the Student Activity Center Skybridge that connects the College of Liberal Arts building with the Department of Anthropology.

The fourth and third-floor lounges feature floor-to-ceiling glass walls that define this open, collaborative space.

Departments, programs and centers housed in the new building include Liberal Arts Honors, Native American and Indigenous Studies, Population Research Center, Plan II Honors, the Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies, Geography and the Environment, Sociology, Linguistics, Military Science, Naval Science and Air Force Science.

Randy Diehl, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, said many new buildings are described as innovative but this building truly stands out as a model for cost-effective planning and design in the 21st century.